Election Fever

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May 9 will be the national elections day in the Philippines. On this day, the country will be electing new sets of public officers from the president, vice president, senators, congressmen, governors, mayors and down to the city or municipal councilors. May is also usually one of the country’s most celebrated and busiest months with all other occasions plus the elections. We expect campaigning activities left and right. You would hear loud speakers like that of wwbs's yamaha c115v anywhere. Hopefully after this election period, the country will have elected the right people for their jobs and those who will truly help its people and its country.

Sound Trip

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Remember the portable audio cassette players during the late 1970? In those days, the Walkman allowed people to carry recorded music with them and listen to music through lightweight headphones. Also those punks carrying big and loud cassette stereo playerenabled the playing of loud music while walking in the street. People had their way oflistening to music. But now combine the two and you’ll get the monster beats studio. It is like listening to a portable music but with high quality loud sounds.

Congratulations Graduates

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I would like to congratulate all parents whose children are graduating this 2016. I have two cousins who recently graduated from College, and I would to like to include other graduates of 2016 in my greetings. 

Every year, a lot of students March, but would could forget those who also mourned amongthe families and survivors of the worst club fire in the Philippines, the Ozone Disco tragedy in 1996. In this tragic event, 168 people died. One of my former board mates was one of those who survived it, although he has suffered because most of his body parts were burned. 

Be careful about the places where to celebrate graduation. What happened in Ozone Disco taught us not to be carried away by the mere happenings and from the music of the Pioneer XDJ-RX Rekordbox DJ System of the club. It still pays to be careful always. I hope all graduates see this even not as the end but rather, as a start of a more challenging but exciting journey of life. 

 Congratulations once again.

Family Band

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Who would forget about the live bands playing in a party and any gathering during 70’s? I still remember about it because my grandparents used to manage a band during that time. I remember when we have a small stage inside the house where the bands were practicing songs. Musical instruments, wires, amplifiers were normal sights that you would find in our living room. I was not sure if they’d find the ravish out of those items, but I remember amplifiers and speakers were really big. This is so unlike our time today when music is played by mp3 players and cellphones.

Ultimate Vacation

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It has been my dream to experience winter season in another country, since Philippines does not have winter season. Winter is the coldest season of the year in some parts of the world, and since I come from a country where the weather is predominantly tropical, the idea of falling snow and clothing myself with thick apparel amidst the freezing cold temperature just excites me. Cozy Winters is the site that I happen to bumped into, as I explore how to make this dream of mine come true. I am looking forward to the way when I would do new activities designed for this kind of weather. Hopefully my ultimate vacation is yet to happen.

Year of the Deals

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Did you know that according to the study commissioned by Visa International, nearly nine out of 10 Filipino consumers (who have online access) do their shopping online?The reasons cited are convenience (58 percent), price (47 percent), and deals (46 percent). I cantruly related to the trend because I am one of those online Pinoys hunting for better deals online. From travel, gadgets, appliances to even cheap music instrument deals. But it’s good to always do some research first. Make sure that it is a legitimate online deal site to begin with before doing it.

Best Gift

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My uncle who was once a lead guitarist and band leader is about to celebrate his birthday. He is not playing with his band anymore since most of them are also retired, Seldom can we see him playing the guitar anymore, and I am not even sure if he still has his guitar kept with him. I remember when he used to teach me some techniques and brought me to his gigs before. A visit to Musicians Friend website maybe can help me think about what will be thebest gift for him.