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Edward Bulwer-Lytton said that “music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies.” In the advent of new technologies such as the internet and social media networks, music ranges even from long play, cassette tapes, cd’s and now mp3s along with other music formats. They are still playing and remain part of our everyday lives. From the record bars to online music stores as they are today, music will remain and last forever.

Sound Mixing

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Today’s age makes sound mixing as easy as a walk in the park because of the availability of launchpad novation performance instrument. My grandfather used to manage a band during the 70’s and they performed live almost every week.  A complete band are composed of more than five members. This consists of a lead guitar, guitarist, base, drummer and keyboard player. But classic band groups even have more members, even though the Beatles influenced bands having only four members. Today, with the help of this Launchpad, you can have live sound support with just a snap.

Eraserheads Reunion

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After I saw Eraserheads’ latest advertisement for a telecommunication company, I realized that I am, after all, one of those millions of their fans who have been really wanting to see them performing together again. I just want to see them maybe with angus young sg guitar playing their iconic song “Huling El Bimbo”, “Pare Ko” among others. Although they already had their reunion concert previously, I believe they deserve a repeat. It would also be great to launch another album together especially these days. 

Best Microphone for Recording

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We been searching for the best yet affordable microphone for recording. As many may be aware, there’s a lot of microphones in the market today but the question is, which one will really serve your needs? There’s a microphone for professionals like rode microphone, and another microphone which is considered as the best and the finest in the industry. But in buying one, we must consider the microphone’s other features such as impedance, phasing, output and sensitivity. Sometimes, being the best comes with the price but for as long as it is perceived to be valuable, then it’s worth can be justifiable. 

Recording Studio

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Lao Tzu said, ”Music is the soul can be heard by the universe.” Our dream recording studio is now started to come into places. With our upgraded laptop, organ and audio recording cable. We can now start to record minus one music. Hopefully, we will only need a better 8 tracks and then the best condenser microphone for vocal recording will complete it all.

Election Fever

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May 9 will be the national elections day in the Philippines. On this day, the country will be electing new sets of public officers from the president, vice president, senators, congressmen, governors, mayors and down to the city or municipal councilors. May is also usually one of the country’s most celebrated and busiest months with all other occasions plus the elections. We expect campaigning activities left and right. You would hear loud speakers like that of wwbs's yamaha c115v anywhere. Hopefully after this election period, the country will have elected the right people for their jobs and those who will truly help its people and its country.

Sound Trip

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Remember the portable audio cassette players during the late 1970? In those days, the Walkman allowed people to carry recorded music with them and listen to music through lightweight headphones. Also those punks carrying big and loud cassette stereo playerenabled the playing of loud music while walking in the street. People had their way oflistening to music. But now combine the two and you’ll get the monster beats studio. It is like listening to a portable music but with high quality loud sounds.