Year of the Deals

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Did you know that according to the study commissioned by Visa International, nearly nine out of 10 Filipino consumers (who have online access) do their shopping online?The reasons cited are convenience (58 percent), price (47 percent), and deals (46 percent). I cantruly related to the trend because I am one of those online Pinoys hunting for better deals online. From travel, gadgets, appliances to even cheap music instrument deals. But it’s good to always do some research first. Make sure that it is a legitimate online deal site to begin with before doing it.

Best Gift

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My uncle who was once a lead guitarist and band leader is about to celebrate his birthday. He is not playing with his band anymore since most of them are also retired, Seldom can we see him playing the guitar anymore, and I am not even sure if he still has his guitar kept with him. I remember when he used to teach me some techniques and brought me to his gigs before. A visit to Musicians Friend website maybe can help me think about what will be thebest gift for him.

Online Deals Problem

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There’s an increase of people buying online now a days. As a matter of fact, there’s a lot of advantages whenbuying online especially with all the shopping deals with high discounts available now. Purchasing your needs with discount from the comfort of your own home is traction enough for me. But we can’t deny that there are lots of problems that go with this, too. Stupid deals can be avoided if you will exert more precaution in doing it. So far I have not yet encountered a serious problems about buying online and I can only hope it stays that way. Just be sure, it pays to choose online stores that have a reputation to prove and keep.

Wedding Month

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I wonder if June is still a wedding month? I was helping my cousin book her wedding occasion before in churches and hotels for the reception. However, we had a hard time choosing for a date since most of the churches are already booked for the month of December. That's why I think that if you are planning to have your wedding celebration on the month of December, it will be better to book it a year ahead. This is so that you also have at least a year devoted for other preparations like your food, wedding clothes, rings or the latest in mens platinum wedding bands.

My Home Town

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For me, two weeks would not be enough to spend a vacation in a place where I have spent nearly a third of my lifetime. It’s not really just because of my parents still live there, but it’s also because the beautiful memories in every place where my eyes would glance keep coming back when I am there. Although there are new beautiful places and restaurants to dine in, I would still prefer to see again the classic and the usual places where I used to visit. This is nostalgia and it seems like it also brings back the time and of Dee Dub of the drums and the percussions of music that once played during those times. I am wishing that once in a while, I would visit there again and reminisce the feeling of yesterday.

Love Pet

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I have grown up owning different kinds of pets. I used to have hamsters, guinea pigs, pigeons and chickens. I also used to breed different kinds of ornamental and gold fishes before. Every corners of our house before have fish tanks and aquariums. We love dogs too, even though they are not imported. We would call them “askals” our stray dogs. I will never forget one of our so love dogs that stayed with us for the longest time. His belt locked and cut its neck and almost infected it. I do not know if posatex was already available during that time. But we sedated him first just to remove that belt and he still survived that wound and lived for many more years, and then died at an old age.

Dream Guitar

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When I was a little kid, my uncle who was then the lead guitarist of a band taught me how to play the guitar. I happened to ask him what was his dream electric guitar he would answer immediately that it’s a gibson firebird. He also stated the reason why he dreamed about it, and it’s because of the quality of sound and the person who used it. As I kid, I did not know then that the person he was referring to was popular then and even today: Eric Clapton. Eventually I got to know about his music, took. I also appreciated that in 2004, Clapton donated his Gibson firebird to an auction, to benefit the Crossroads Centre, where it sold for $750,000 – a world-record auction price for a Gibson.