Special Gift

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I just would like to ask this question especially among those who are married. May I know which is more important to you: the day of your marriage or the day of your engagement? 

 For my wife and I, we give higher importance to the day we first met (April 15). While we sometimes make a joke about it a lot (we meet at April Fools month), deep in our hearts, this date is meaningful. Young couples even count their week or month anniversary. If you are married, you will really treasure the years of being together and happy at that. Keeping the relationship burning is more important than any other expensive gifts like michael kors jewelry from reeds.com. It is more about showing true love and care for each other as husband and wife.

Ely Buendia Film

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I am a certified Eraseheads fan during my younger years. As a matter of fact, I also have Eraserheads albums. From their very first album Ultraelectromagneticpop! (1993) to the last album before they have disbanded. Maybe there are lots of young students then can relate to their music. I remember rock from heavy to mellow are popular then. Music that uses exceptional boss effect pedal for guitar effects, "Pusakal” is first feature film venture Ely Buendia. Hopefully it will be shown soon.

Euro Pinoy Jazz Concert

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My son was so happy that he was able to witness the Euro-Pinoy Jazz concert that was held in the Maestranza Plaza in Intramuros, Manila. We were glad that he enjoyed watching the concert although this is not the first concert that he watched a concern. Thanks to the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) Philippines and the Delegation of the EU to the Philippines for giving us this kind of collaboration. I was not able to see the whole concert but I am a lot of Jazz afficionados like my wife got to enjoy this event. This inspired us to buy new ebs amps and form a family band.

Acoustic Music

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Do you believe that the kind of music you love really reveals something about your personality? According to some research, knowing the type of music you listen to can actually lead to surprisingly accurate predictions about your personality. So does this mean I have split personalities? Because I love the kind of music depending on my mood. 

I love folk, country, classic and heavy rock music but I also like love and religious songs during my younger years, too. Now I love classic, opera, acoustic like played by taylor acoustic guitars and accapela. I think a psychologist will have a hard time judging about my levels of extraversion, creativity and open-mindedness. According to them extraverts tend to seek out songs with heavy bass lines, while those who enjoy more complex styles such as jazz and classical music tend to be more creative and have higher IQ-scores.

Reunion Again

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It is exciting to reunite with my very close friends every time and they are planning of coming home once again. Though it was just a year ago when we had our reunion. It is great discovering some funny truths and secrets that were talked about yet been talk before and reminiscing those happy moments we have during school years. Those hammerax cymbals at musicians friend of our favorite bands and music before is the main plan we have during this reunion. They want to visit bars or places where our favorite bands are still playing. Hopefully we can find one since most of them are retired now.

Love to Sleep

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I have to wake up as early as 5:30 am to prepare my son's breakfast and food for school. My son has to be in school before early in the morning, but because of the cold weather now a days it hard to wake up that early. I have set three alarm clock just to be able to wake up but just turned it off and back to sleep gain. We have a good sleep every night and we dont heard or neighbor dog barking anymore maybe he use from radiofence.com for bark collars. And it resulted a late reporting almost everyday.

Bigger Bike

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It was just two years ago when we bought our son’s bike and now, he may be needing the bigger one. I already adjusted his bike seat into its full height. I disassembled my wife's bicycle and now planning to assemble it again maybe with new parts to be replace some parts like chains, breaks and I am still searching for a types of grips fitted to that bike. Repaint it and hopefully my son can now use it.