Computer Files

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I really hate it when a computer is lagging. I do reformatting every time my computer lags before but I hate doing it now because aside from the fact that it is time consuming, it is also likely that lots of my files and program are lost. That’s why I don’t save file in my main hard drive any more. I have some extra drive for it so that in worse case scenario that my main hard drive will be affected, at least some of my files are safe. I am planning to have data backup software too to be sure.

Justin Bieber Aftermath

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Justin Bieber is a phenomenal child singer who just had a concert in the country. But instead of leaving good memories behind, it appears that lots of people got mad, disgusted and insulted the way he showed his attitude towards one of the airport personnel who just wanted his autograph. Although we are not there to really proved that incident, the event really happened can be viewed in video but the way we looked at what happened, it really is not appropriate for him to act that way. Although some of his fan defended him because he was not really felling well that time. Even Bieber needed emergency medical assistance that night of his concert.

Luckily for him because it happened after his concert and he was leaving the airport but what if it happened before. Many will remember to what happened to The Beatles when they visited the country before.


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I am a fan of a show on cable where a bunch of businessmen bid and buy items that are stocked for a long time and un-attended by the owners in some garage. It was done by the garage owner. Maybe if the person rented the stock room or warehouse failed to pay in a certain month then the stuff would be subject to bidding. Although it is a gamble to those who bid because they are only given five minutes just to see the items inside the warehouse. It is prohibited to thoroughly check it. It is an investment like you are about to buy gold coins where if you were lucky it will not just double or triple your investment but sometimes more than that.

Cell Phone Signals

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I will never forget ten years ago when I was still using external antenna. I’d sometimes stayed in our roof and neighbor second floor balcony just to send SMS messages. Since we didn’t have cell phone sites yet near our place during that time. But how come there are still places even here in the metro where you will still need to use wilson cellular booster just to have cell phone signals? Hopefully time will come when there’s no need for us to climb up in the roof just to send an SMS message.

Better Place

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It is everybody’s dream to travel or even live in a beautiful, nice and a better place not only in the country but in the whole world. That’s why people are working hard to earn a living and save for their future. Aside from giving their family a better life, they also prepare themselves in the future by having better social security insurance or having best term life insurance rates. So that someday, after all these, then you can have your dream come true.