Finding Long Lost Friend

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It is amazing  how Facebook really helps us a lot in terms of finding our long lost friend . It has been ten years ago when one of my closest friends left for a life in United States. Until then, our communication was cut off and we never had a chance to communicate with each other. With the help of Facebook, however, I was able to locate him a year ago. Knowing him as a technical person although we both graduated from a medical course, I leaned that he is a Medical Technologist while I am a nurse. I know for sure he will be online. I am happy to know that he has a great life now but also tends to  leave those laboratory ovens, blood testing and analysis job. So if you want to locate a long lost friend or people who are acquainted with you, it would be good to have a Facebook account.

Online Safety

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With our present world now really getting dependent on technology, we cannot deny the fact that some believe that the future world's conflict and nation will only win a war on how advanced one's country's technology has. Some news said even one immerging country even used some chips in every gadget especially cell phones made from them to spy other countries. That’s why we are wondering how safe our means of communication is. Is there someone spying in every call we make and text message we send. How vulnerable is every gadget we are now using these days. Can for Android security and these kinds really protect us?