Happy Teeth

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I remember my dentist used to say “The healthier your teeth are, the happier you look.” That’s why I always see to it that my son will carry a habit of always brushing his teeth. It is really important to really take good care of our teeth. Visiting your dentist is also important apart from brushing and flossing at least you will have all the guidance in proper care of teeth.

Take good care of your teeth now don’t lose them to your Plano Dentist someday. Aim for an attractive new smile.

Brings Back the Memories

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We are so glad that one of the parents of my son’s classmates in his previous pre school invited my son to his classmate’s swimming. This is the only moment that my son and his former classmates could reunite again. Even though they are already scattered in different schools now, seeing them reunited brings back the memories of their former school, where they started to run and play around their classroom furniture.

Hopefully we could still maintain a the good communication with them so they could remain as friends even when they’re grown ups.

Fort Boni Jogging Area

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I have been planning to go jogging at least three times a week. I am envious and feel guilty every time I am passing by Boni High and see some people jogging in the area. I know a lot of benefits jogging can give rather than taking slimming pills although sometimes, they can help if you want to lose weight fast like taking Decaslim to see the results immediately.

Hopefully, jogging for three times a week and swimming will do for me, especially since I am not getting any younger anymore. Unlike before I could still play basketball at least twice a week. Now, I seldom sweat it out because walking and driving are the only exercises I am doing right now.