Manny Pacquiao Houses

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According to some reports and writings the number one pound for pound boxer of the world Manny Paquiao already owned eight houses and the latest of it was in the United States. The cost of Manny Pacquiao’s new house is estimated at almost two million US dollars with designer and luxury furniture. He deserves all this because we know how hard he works in the ring and not just that, he also shared his blessings to his team.

Sometimes we tell ourselves that it is better that we pursue a career in boxing and have a lots of beautiful houses like those in Wilmington NC real estate but as we all know not all boxers are blessed. Some ended with nothing, some died in the ring. I know someone before who has a famous name in boxing and ended up a shoe polish boy. Better to take care of what blessings we have right now because we do not know the future holds.

Hotel Business

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One of my dreams is to have my own hotel or resort. I wish to incorporate all the things I saw in every beautiful hotels and resorts I’ve been too. I want it to be among the unique hotels or resorts that people will never forget if they happen to stay in my hotel. Not just for the beauty of it but also the service that they will experience for life.

I have stayed in hotels a lot during our travels, and I also experienced bad service from some hotels. I tried and stayed in hotels in Davao, Bacolod, Dumaguete, Cagayan de Oro, Ilo-Ilo, General Santos, Boracay, Ilocos, Subic, Tagaytay, Pangasinan and Baguio hotels. I also experienced various Filipino traits and hospitality I would like to expound to develop the best Filipino service.

Appetite Suppressants

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We Filipinos really love to eat and I am sure after people fasted during Lenten season, we are back to have food trip all over again and eat more of foods we temporarily let go of during the fasting such as meat. How can you suppress your appetite if you will be served foods that you really like? For instance, my wife has been banning from eating instant noodles but these are my favorite so we would stock instant pancit canton at home.

Pancit canton has been my favorite since I have Japanese blood. If I will be served noodles like this no appetitesuppressants can stop me from eating. Hopefully the noodles company claiming that its noodles are healthy is true.

Sexy Female Chefs

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I am just thinking that maybe these sexy female chefs are eating what they are cooking or maybe just using best diet pills in the market.

Amazingly, they are not only great chefs who can compete in whatever cooking shows but they can be as sexy lingerie models or body fitness instructors, too. Female sexy chefs like Kelly Choi, Tina Nordstrom, Katie lee Joel, Giada de Laurentiis, Cat Cora, Padma Lakshmi and Rachael Ray.

This sexy lady in a two-piece bikini is Padma Lakshmi, host of top chef and also modeled for Ralph Lauren, Alberta Ferretti, and Emanuel Ungaro. Padma made appearances in Glitter, Star Trek, Sharpe’s Challenge, and The Ten Commandments.

I started making and developing websites almost ten years ago, but always on some free web hosting site. Reason is that I didn’t have enough knowledge on computers and also on making those website hosts in some paid hosting sites. But ever since, I have already dreamt of having a domain of my own. A domain which would not be just an extension of some domain addresses from free sites.

A year ago, my friend introduced me to the world of blogging. Around that time, I started with free blogging host sites until she told me its time to start blogging with your own domain name because there would be lots of advantages if I would have it with my own domain name and host it paid especially if you wanted to monetize your blog and also if you want to start an identity of your own.

She assured me that she would teach me how to do it since I didn’t have any knowledge about web hosting site and I know there is a lot of it online. We have to make it sure that to have my first domain name site will be hosted by the best, dependable and reliable web hosting company.

Luckily we found that has independent reviews and rates for the best web hosting providers. In this you can have your web hosting provider suited for your needs. It can be cheap but service guaranteed, award winning, best for your budget and features and web hosting provider that will give you the best online support for newbies.

Be sure to be keen in choosing your first web hosting provider and be satisfied more by reading geek blogs for more information about the different services offered and advantages of different web hosting provider.

Common PSP Problem

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It’s been three months since we bought our son Sony PSP console. Yesterday after almost four hours of playing it since I have new installed games in it, his PSP battery drained. We were out of our house and we had to wait till we got home and charge it again. But we were shocked that it was not charging anymore. I searched for the possible common PSP problem over the net but some of the forums have their own opinion about the problem.

Sadly, the store where we bought the PSP from was still closed due to the holiday season. Do I need it fix outside the warranty sphere or do I still have it repaired since it is still under warranty although forum said it was a minor problem only? I tried it with someone else’s batteries and it was functioning. To those long time PSP users, do you have any suggestion?

Riviera Maya family vacations

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During the summer season, beach resorts and hotels are a hit. If you happen to live in tropical countries like me, the heat of the sun, the summer wind combining humidity of the atmosphere drive you to get away from it all and welcome the sensual embrace of sensuality and seclusion.

For the discriminating traveler, however, it just can’t be anywhere. Rather, it has to be all worth it at the end of the day. For this reason, elite beaches and resorts exist and so are companies whose names are synonymous to best quality and best experience.

I am talking about Karisma Hotels who are known for great white sand beaches they operate such as the Riviera maya family vacations for example. Other hotels that Karisma Hotels run include El Dorado Royale Spa Resort, El Dorado Seaside Suites, Azul Beach, Azul Blue and Hidden Resorts.

Things To do During Holy Week

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Reflections and Retreat Houses

I remember during my school years I spent in a Catholic school, we used to have our regular retreat sessions. We were staying then for a couple of days in retreat or reflection houses. They were conducted by Augustinians brothers, sisters and priests. We were given some tasks each day to reflect on what things we have done in the past and were given a chance to evaluate them to make a change for the better in the future.

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