House Beautification

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Have you seen or know someone who doesn’t want their house to look good or nice. I think every one of us want and dream of having nice, comfortable home. Although some people feel they are already comfortable with their house’s set up. They just want to change it again but some do it almost every year even though their house just got renovated. As long as they want something new they would have it changed. This is true of lightings, house pendant lighting, furniture’s and paints.

My Son’s iPad

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Truly our Almighty Father Yahweh is good. I was wishing that I could give my son an iPad for him to use in his studies and since he likes to read. Maybe this will help boost his enthusiasm to read and study. If you believe, He will give it certainly to you, especially if there’s a will Yahweh will provide. We have it although others consider it as luxury and its like taking apidexin for the others because they will not eat anymore just to have it. We don’t consider it as luxury as long as it is useful and priced reasonably.

Fire Month

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I wonder why according to some weather reports we will be experiencing cold temperature until the end of February and also will experience to much rain during the summer season? What is this? It is really hot in the past days and it feels like it’s already summer time. No wonder there’s fire already even when it is a bit far from the fire month. It’s better to prepare water in steel drums already. At least in case of fire and also water shortage this coming summer time, they will come in handy.

One Kilogram Beef Baby Back Ribs

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The question in how to lose belly fat if you have tried one kilogram of beef back ribs from Kuse, a restaurant that is serving traditional Filipino cuisine. Yes after I tried it until now it keeps coming back to my mind. The taste and tenderness of this dish makes me wish to go back and order it once again.

The December 2010 Nursing Board Exam result has now been released by the PRC. But sadly this is the lowest passing percentage of the board exams for nurses ever had. Only 29,711 out of 84,287 passed the licensure exams. I think only 25 percent were able to pass. It’s the end of eye cream for dark circles to those sleepless night of those who took the exam and passed but better luck next time to those who was never given a chance.

Beauty Clinic Wars

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With the existence of different and many beauty clinic in the Philippines together with their claims of being the original and having one of a kind beauty enhancement products and programs, one gets quite confused by now. They claim that they are the authority in beauty enhancement like 7 second eye lift and body sliming in a month. But together with it also is their marketing strategy where sometimes it turns out personal and below the belt.

Battery Life

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I noticed that battery life now a days are not that long compared to how it was before. We know there’s a lot of batteries available in the market today. This includes ordinary , camera, cell phone or wireless telephone batteries. I think everything like gadgets, appliances really need battery. But instead of developing one of a kind battery that can last for a long period of time, because of commercialism, batteries don’t last that long. I remember a double-A battery before could make the wall clock run for a year but now you are lucky if you can have it for three months.