Special Day Gift

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The special day of my wife and mine special is fast approaching. Although its been a while since I got affected of my age, now the feeling is back. I am really worried that time has come that I am not in my teens anymore. I am now in my 30’s but I used to stop worrying anymore.

It’s comforting that our life will start at 40. Although we don’t celebrate birthday, I am still hoping that I could give something for my wife. I am even planning to give her steve madden shoes but others said it is not good to give shoes to your loved ones. Because of that, “my everlasting love” is all I could give as my gift for her instead.

Holiday Problem

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Gaining weight is not just the only problem we will have during holiday season or during December. As we all know, weight problem comes with different health problem, too. Examples are diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. But more and more people are now asking for natural acne treatment since as we all know, the oily foods we consume during this season are in great amount, so the stress contributes to our acne problem.

Working Out

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My pants are getting tight again. My hips size increased again especially during this month. I might already need to burn belly fat. But I am sure I can still lose again in a few weeks from now. But for the meantime I will not be needing my belt and I will keep for a while those shirts that my friends gave me as their gift. Maybe I can use it in February.

Near Yet So Far

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Technology really helps a lot. I remember when I was still a kid, we were still using letters and telegrams (snail mail) as a mode of communication in our town. We still had to travel almost two hours if we wanted to use a telephone and call our relatives working here in the Metro. But now with just a laptop with webcam and laptop speakers you can already talk to your love ones even if they are abroad. That makes them seem so near.


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I will never forget the month of January since this marked the first time I went into web publishing three years ago I started posting blogs on January 19, 2008 and it was my very first post on this web site. Then I started my other websites with my own domain name and hosting. Hopefully someday for the security of my other websites I am thinking of having a pci compliance hosting. My three years old site now has 411 posts and I wish that this will continue more in the coming years.

Special Gifts

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I am sure many of you have received gifts from either your friends, relatives or loved ones last December. From a small and usual items like handkerchief, towels and picture frame or expensive ones such as gadgets, cell phone or jewelries. I know someone who received a special gift which is a Black Diamond Jewelry. But for me even how simple it is, as long as it really came from the heart, it’s a big thing for me already.