Music Recording Room

Posted by Suplado | 7/31/2013 | 0 comments »

I remember the time when I was able to visit a music recording studio. It was not a music studio by a well-known recording company. It was just for rent where you can practice singing or your band. But it looks like an expensive music studio where you can also record your music. The studio foam at musicians friend will not be needed anymore. They are just using crush resistant foam lines to protect the apple in the box. You just can buy it in some fruit stand by the piece. It is simple and affordable, but it can absorb sounds. We used it also in our internet café before.

Educational Travel

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I like to watch a program on TV featuring budget traveling. The show is giving tips on how to travel with a minimal budget. Staying in an affordable and yet comfortable place and eating in a cheap but decent restaurants during travel are wise options. Although you can also search for them on the web, or if you want an educational travel, you can also visit for educational travel services. For those who can afford, it would still be good to bring contingency money or credit cards during your travel for un-avoidable things that require extra spending.