House Moving - “Lipat Bahay”

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We always have new neighbors in the apartment were we live. I think we are the oldest tenant living here. Usually in just a year and a half span, our neighbors come and go. This is because by then, they would have already bought their own houses. Or they had a hard time dealing with the challenging attitude of our land lord. But after just a few days of vacancy, you will already notice another moving trucks mean another new neighbor.

We also have a plan to move but we decided that we will do so only if it will be our own house already where we will be transferring to. This way, transferring your appliances and stuff can be done in one shot and yes, you get to meet another new neighbor and friends.

What Kind of Job Do We have?

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We are about to attend an important event overseas and we are currently processing our travel visa. As expected embassy officials will see to it that I will have to comeback in the Philippines.

This is a bit challenging for me because I am a registered nurse, too, so how will I convince them that I actually prefer to stay in my home country for now. I will just want to ask my fellow bloggers whose sole source of income is only blogging. On my forthcoming visa interview, if somebody from the consul’s office will ask me what is the nature of my job? Do I pay taxes for it? What could be the best answer?

Is blogging an acceptable job already? How about saying we’re into online publishing or maybe jobs in sales , marketing or advertisement. But then again, how about paying taxes? All I know is that bloggers who monetized their blogs don’t pay taxes in the Philippines. To all professional bloggers, I need help please!!!

During our stay in Boracay we were staying in a hotel where one of the celebrity couple was also staying. The lady sexy celebrity just gave birth eight months ago but you could see that she still maintained her body slim. My wife even asked what diet pills she is using.

She can still wear her two-piece bathing suit with no worry walking along the white sand of the island. You could not imagine that she has just gave birth.

Special Day

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My sister keeps on reminding me about her upcoming birthday. She is always asking for my gift to her although I am not celebrating birthday anymore for religious reasons. She still wants something from me on her special day. I joked to her that I will only afford a gift card for now.

Anyway, its my father’s birthday too. He also wanted this time to be special because it is his 50th birthday. He is also about to file his early retirement and will be spending his life traveling and visiting his grand children from then on.

Rizal, Antipolo Resorts

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We always visit resorts located in the north and the south of Metro Manila. some of resorts in Bulacan, Pangasinan and Subic. Now were trying to explore some resorts located in the east side of Manila like in the province of Rizal.

We know there are lots of beautiful resorts in Antipolo like the MMLDC and Thunderbird Resort in Binagonan Rizal. We also visit the Daranak falls in Tanay and the quiet place of Sierra Madre resort. Hopefully we can discover some more of the beautiful places in the Philippines to take some photos and images of the beautiful country and feel the ambience that these places offer.Resorts in Laguna, Batangas and especially Tagaytay are big hits. We also visit

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My Top Entre Card Droppers

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It is time to thank bloggers who keep on visiting and dropping by to my Suplado Reviews site. Maybe it’s time to pay them back again.

Hope you will try to continue visiting my site. I will also make sure to visit your site also. Everytime I am dropping by, I always start clicking the “drops inbox” first to visit also those bloggers who dropped by. Once again thank you for dropping by.

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Simple Dream in Life

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You and I have some wildest dreams in life from time to time. Mine may be considered a simple dream in the eyes of the rich. That is to have my dream house, vacation house, two vehicles, a time deposit of at least 10 million pesos and a savings deposit of 20 million pesos. That was 20 years ago I think.

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Precious metals and rare coins trading are investments that must also be properly taking care of by expert and dedicated persons so investment is in good hands and ensure more market opportunities in the future.

I love to travel and share those memorable experiences with you. I am sure many of you are planning to visit Boracay this summer. Since we visited the place twice already and the latest one was last March, I wrote about the things I have known when I was their in Boracay, from the usual fare, food and drinks, cheap accommodations among others so that you will not be hoaxed by other people in the island.

It is better to know the place first before having an adventure there hopefully with the information I will share, they will already help you in a little way but if there are things I missed, please feel free to comment.

It is always a lovely, happy and complete feeling for a couple to have a baby in the family. I will never forget the happiness I felt during the time when my wife told me that we were going to have a baby after almost a year of marriage. I even decided to resign from my work just to be with her and to take good care of her because of my job then entailed that I would assigned in places far away from her. Since it would be our first baby, I had to take extra care to make her pregnancy healthy. My wife knew how obsessed I was with pregnant women. They really looked beautiful to me.

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I really had a hard time on my previous computer specification. It lagged especially if I would be opening more than three programs at time. It was Friday afternoon when my son bumped on my computer while I was doing something. It restarted but was not able to re-boot on windows anymore. When I restarted it, I heard beeping sounds then.

That made me decide not to have it fixed but rather upgrade it to much new specification. I was happy my google ad sense earnings helped a lot. Now having my AMD Athlon 64 2.6 Ghz. processor and one gig memory while not the most latest one but at least they were upgraded. I’m really happy how this specification works fast. It was a blessing in a way that my son bumped on it. Maybe it made me decide right away to upgrade.