House of Vilma Santos

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The house of Star for all Seasons and Batangas Governor Vilma Santos was featured in one of the entertainment shows on TV. It was an amazing and really a beautiful house made of nearly all glass which my wife Denice also wants. I just can’t stop imagining how it would feel owning a house this beautiful. I am sure it is very expensive for now while once can hardly afford a motor home. But hopefully with all prayers someday I could have that kind of house and I could buy my dream motor home too. That’s why even just now I am searching for those who sell motorhome in the country.

Web Directory

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My cousin asked me to help her advertise his friend’s hotel website. I told her that even to put her friend’s website in a web directory list by linking her friend’s website to possible helpful keywords from my sites. Since linking website is a big help, such websites will always be on the top in search engine.

Although I don’t have really that much knowledge about search engine algorithms, I hope this is a big help to her friend.

Using Cell phone as Modem

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At last I can now use my cell phone as modem. It’s been a year that I’ve been waiting for Globe to make available the configuration for my Nokia phone. But after the configuration, it was so hard to connect and I made a lots of calls already until I decided to shift to Smart . After downloading the needed configuration for my phone I can now easily use it as a modem.

There is no need for me to buy Smart Bro or Globe Tattoo. I can now use my cell phone anywhere anytime as long as it has a signal and I could use it on any laptops and desktops with the use of my PC suites, too.

Tagaytay Holiday

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We had a great time in Tagaytay recently when we went there. We stayed for three days and two nights at the Evercrest Golf and Resort. We really spent our time resting in our room. That’s when I could say I had a real break from my busy life back in the city.

I almost consumed all my SD card taking pictures to capture those happy moments we had in the place. Sometimes it is really nice to takes a break in a quiet and beautiful place like this. You can really say this is life.

November Holidays Lessened

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After the long holiday in between the Halloween season, many of us Filipinos are expecting another long holiday on November 27 and 28 since it was already pre-declared as a non-working holiday. However, the President a couple of weeks ago was virtually asking us to return our Eagle Creek luggage in the cabinet when she announced that the two holidays were cancelled by the Department of Labor.

The companies and employers are probably complaining about those holidays declared. It’s a pity that we already planned for another outing on those dates.