Swimming Time

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Our son really loves to swim. That’s why we think it would make him happy if we let him take swimming lessons at an early age. We are glad that he is learning fast.

One weekend, we went to the south and spent overnight in a hotel. There was a pool, as expected, and my son wanted to swim despite the cold weather. The hotel doesn’t have pentair heat pumps for it. At first he was just contented in a children’s pool but after he saw some of the children in an adult pool, he also transferred, not knowing that it was deep. He was just diving and the he realized he’s into something quite deep for his age. He seemed to have no choice and managed to swim his way back to the side of the pool all by himself.

Shower Party

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My wife’s cousin hosted a shower party for his incoming daughter. Another member of the family and also another girl is going to be added. We missed receiving invitationbox.com birth announcements from a boy. My son is still the only boy in the family. No body can compare how much I love my son but given a chance I wish he will be his sister soon. I really wish a daughter hopefully in Yahweh’s time.

Long Weekend

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Another long weekend is about to be here. To those who are not yet satisfied about the long holidays, the weekend in the last weeks or to those who never had a chance to go out of town is our other chance. Another long weekend is about to be here. Those of us who really miss out of town trips can hopefully plan this time. How I wish we can have a vacation out of town, so that if there’s a long weekend like this we will have a place to go. There is no need to pay except for the log cabin decor, food and some recreation games.