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Beware of accepting someone as helper in the house. Many have been a victim of someone who pretended and applied as house helper and turned out as member of “Akyat Bahay” bad element and whose actual intention is to gain your trust but in the end, is up to rob you. Do some background screening first and do not just be contented by NBI and police clearances which may be fake.

Musical Instrument

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A lot of parents especially those who are music lovers dream that their children will not just also love music but would really know how to play musical instrument. This is one of my wishes too. I wish that my son will also play piano as good as his mother. I love him to study violin and guitar. Playing music together while his mom plays piano while I play my Hohner Harmonicas or I will just sing.

Classic Games and Toys

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Every parent and especially a father like me want my son to play with toys that I love and made me happy before, as much as possible. Although seldom can we find classic toys we used to play with before that are available in the market today. The availability of computers, console games and tablets are rare although die cast toys are still available. Children now prefer playing PSP or computer games. They play with profire yoyo compared to our yoyo before which made of wood. But we parents we only permits our son to play computer games and use computer and tablets during Friday and Saturday no playing during class days, and see to it that he do biking, swimming, basketball and play with other children every day.