Business Meeting

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Imagine how companies now can reduce their travel and allowance expenses because of technology. It used to be that if the company would be holding seminars and business trip meetings, they would incur expenses for the people who will travel and for their allowances pertaining that that trip. But now almost every company now has web conferencing solution wherein every time you need to call a meeting with people from different business branches, there would be no need for them to travel anymore to the site. They can attend the meeting in the comfort of their offices.

Anniversary Gift

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Can you share unforgettable, expensive and special gift you intend to give someone you love? And if you will be given a chance, what will you give as girlfriend gifts anniversary to your loved one? I am sure some of you are planning to give something that, while not as expensive as a ring, one that she will take good care of. Sometimes during a failed relationship or break-up, women tend to return everything you have given her like letters and cards but not those jewelries you gave.

Back to Reality

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The long holiday season that allowed vacation times are over now and we are all starting to get back to our usual daily routine. But the problem really is in waking up early in the morning again. It is hard to get up on your memory foam mattress with this kind of weather. The early mornings have been cold and the night hours have been long. It tends to still be dark even at six o clock in the morning. That’s why my son Kyle has been complaining every time I wake him up in the morning for school. He said, “It is still night dad ( he means it’s still dark), why are you trying to wake me up?”