Where’s are the bands now

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I remember during my college years, there were songs from the bands which were playing in FM stations. These are song that were even used in our local movies, advertisements and TV shows. Bands are everywhere from bars and restaurant to fiestas and even small celebrations. People love bands even if some don’t really produce original music and even their Randall Guitar Amplifiers are sometimes irritating to the ears. Still, people in our generation really like them. I wonder where they are now? Some have disbanded and some have gone solo.

Online Protest

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It seems that noise barrage and rallies are not that acceptable anymore. Maybe it’s time to keep your drums, great meinl birch headliner cajon at guitar center, megaphones and placards. One of the very effective ways of protest nowadays is done online. Bring your sentiments though online posting, just like what will happened on Monday. A protest for the abolition of pork barrel. It only came from a simple post in social media and now almost millions are willing to join the protest. It’s simple, not expensive and not quite a hassle to set up.

Pawn Star Philippines

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Pawn Star casts an American reality television series that has been showing on History. Visit Manila on August 22 to 24 for this event. I am a fan of the show and hopefully when this raining will already stop, we can visit Glorietta during the said event. Hopefully they can find not just goldeneagle for gold coins but some amazing piece of history. I am sure there’s a lot of serious collectors in the country, especially since we have been ruled by theAmericans during their regime in the past.