Blind Item – Kiss and Tell

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I thought only men are kiss and tell but who is this sexy star who divulges those actors she has once dated and ended up into a one night stand. She even named names, which made some raise their eye browse. Although some of these men are expected, many reacted from some names mentioned. She even made some jokes to the other man that maybe needing natural male enhancement.

Gold Coin

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Everybody loves gold. It is an important possession. The story of Midas did not materialize for nothing. Ask any collector what he or she would like to include in their collection and gold would be among the things that would stand out.

Gold comes in many forms. To the ordinary person, gold coins are the most popular. To the upper class homes, jewelry could be preferred.

The other day, I was surprised to know that there is such a thing as an edible gold. I said to myself that people are really into gold so much that now, they even want to eat it.

Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition

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I was glad when I heard that there will be a Biggest Loser Pinoy edition in the country that will be aired soon in one of the biggest networks and will be hosted by one of the popular actresses in the country. Although I am not really a fan of previous Big Loser show, I love to watch it especially the Biggest Loser Asia. I saw thousands already auditioning for this weight loss reality show on TV. I am sure many will attempt to join and to lose weight without the help of glucomannan for weight loss although it was not yet divulged as to how much will be the prize of the winner. Certainly, it is more than enough to gain so much more weight again after the show.

Healthy Lifestyle

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More and more people nowadays become interested on healthy lifestyle. Imagine more and more healthy products are sold in the market as well as more and more healthy stores are opening. Maybe because as we observed people’s lifespan becoming shorter and shorter. More and more deaths occur because of heart attacks and people are having illnesses like cancer and all of that. More and more people also shift to natural ways like herbal medicines like herbal phentermine or natural loss weight pills now available in the market.

New Year’s Resolution

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December is really fast approaching. A few months from now, another year will pass. More and more new years resolution for almost everyone of us are taking place. Without validating, if you have fulfilled your last year resolution. Like those who have diets, new years resolution this year, I hope you already fulfilled what you promised to yourself or next year your new years resolution will be to buy healthy diet pills, because you have done nothing to work for it.

Police Stories

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I had a short chat with my friend in the United States this morning and our topic was about the performance of the SWAT during the assault on the hostage crisis that a happened few weeks ago. According to him it became a topic and laughing matter in some online forums and network sites around the globe. I only replied to him as a joke and I hope I will not hurt the policemen and women in the country. I have some friends who are responsible and well respected police officers. I told him that we already expected it. You will be shocked if they have done it successfully.

Although as a Filipino I am not proud of it to have officers or policemen like that and even not proud to have corrupt policemen in the country. I am referring to those policemen on their police patrol cars just collecting money from those newspapers and vendors selling cigars on the streets. I still believe that not all policemen and police women are like that. There are still a lot who are honorable.

Life can be really hard nowadays. Working with a minimum wage is not really enough to have a nice living condition especially if you are the only the one working for the family. There’s a lot of jobs to engage in to have extra source of income to support other family needs. That’s why I keep searching for what will be a good business to start on. For me the best business today is selling gadgets like cellphones, laptops, and other gadgets like MP3 players. It came to my mind and because I don’t have extra time to go outside and enough capital for a space, I just want to sell online. Most people would just search for wholesale laptops and gadgets suppliers and then sell them online.

Sweet Life

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Living in a peace, quiet and cleanliness lessen stress in life. When the home doesn’t have rats and cockroaches and no noisy neighbors, you are not afraid to have air condition anymore because you know that inside the house is already clean. Just have regular replacement of your furnace filters. Especially today the country is having problem of dengue fever. We just need a little peace of mind as I already have a sweet life.

Bus Accident

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Almost every week of last month, we would hear buses having an accident which also recorded lots of fatalities and even death. That makes me want to be extra careful when driving around with these big buses beside me on the road. It makes me think of having a cheap life insurance quotes. Hopefully the government agency regulating the transport sector will really impose all the guidelines and formulate new guidelines just to insure safety and prevent more accidents on the road.

Taking Advantage

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It’s really freaking me out when I see that there are still people taking advantage of his fellowmen. For instance, in the local market you are not sure if the scales that vendors are using are really giving you the right weight. Lately, my cousin from the province attended a convention here in the metro and she was victimized by those irresponsible taxi drivers. I am not generalizing taxi drivers here but there are still few good drivers. Imagine, the taxi driver was asking 500 pesos just from Roxas Boulevard to Airport on a Sunday morning when we all know roads are normally not traffic around this time.

We are always shouting for a change where we cannot do it first with In our selves.

Important part of the House

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I am sure many of you will agree that one of the important parts of the house is bathroom. Others consider it as their stress room where they relax and release all their stress. Others even bought expensive bathroom accessories and other vanities just to make their comfort room not just clean but beautiful. I remember a well known political family whose home I happened to visit since it has become one of their sequestered rest houses. The size of its bathroom is as big as two of our family rooms.