Paintball Gears

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I love war games may it be video games or actual war games. I remember the time when I was much younger and I used to play together with my six male cousins. W loved using toy guns, water guns, and other modified toy guns in my grand father’s farm fields. It was so exciting and we really enjoyed the moment when were playing together. I also love to collect toy guns especially at that time.

Technology and ingenuity come very fast especially with the availability of paintball guns. They make war games really exciting and you will really feel the actual game such as the feeling of being targeted and hit.

There’s a lot of latest line of paintball guns available now in the market that sometimes it could look like an actual gun unlike of those paintball guns before. Lucky planet eclipse ego released new and tough paintball guns. It is not just reliable, high performance brand new. In addition, it has a great design and also affordable. Eclipse already improved, upgrade and mastered paintball guns.

Visit for the latest and top paintball guns designs of planet eclipse ego. They offer low prices and free shipping in all of your paintball gears, from guns, goggles and all of your needs in this sport. They are on the paintball since 2003 as internet retailers. So if you want all of your latest, paintball gears brands visit their website or call 877-814-4297 and let the war games begin.

Travel Site

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I am so happy that during this time of holidays and long weekends, my travel site visit increases since I featured travel tips, beautiful and cheap places to stay in some of the tourist destination in the Philippines that we have been to.

Especially this coming long weekend people started to search for some cheap, best and nice to stay with the family. Nice hotels and resorts all over Luzon. Hopefully our travel experience can give our fellow travelers knowledge on the places they wanted to see and try visiting.

Richest Man in the Philippines

I have heard that the government failed to pay the amount that reached more than 19 billion to Philippine Health. The very big question is what will happen to those millions of Filipinos who are the member of this Government Health insurance if someday Philippine Health will turn into bankrupt?

It is really irritating if this would be true. In the last presidential election the government through the office of the President was giving away free Philippine Health insurance to those poor people in the country although it sounded good and very helpful to those really in need. But you can’t avoid that if it was used only for political purpose.

Hopefully, it will not end this way. Philippine Health will be in the same fate like of those private pre-need industry and other insurance companies that declared bankruptcy. It does not affect those members of this insurance but it also affect some legitimate insurance companies. It will perhaps affect life insurance rate and benefits someday and the entire insurance industries in the country.

I remember almost two years ago when my long lost friend discovered my websites. It was my school batch website and was built for free using free hosting sites. My friend asked me why I have been wasting my time again doing such great website in a free hosting site where there were lots of limitations and downsides. When I could have it easy and have the chance to choose great website hosting that offers lots of advantages if I would be into web designing or blogging.

I didn’t take my friend’s words seriously until there came a time when I reached my maximum space limit and could not add another page anymore. In addition to that, only few of my batch mates can browse because it suddenly reached bandwidth limits. The annoyances of some pop up advertisements sometimes have been mistaken for our batch announcement.

That made me realize the things my friend told me about webhosting. Now I already have almost ten websites I am happy that I have contributed in my own little way for my batch mates especially since we will be having a grand Alumni homecoming next year. Most of us are scattered around the world and our batch website is really a big help in making us close again online.

Just always remember and make sure before choosing a website hosting company for your future website that it will meet all your website needs. Read hosting articles and reviews so that you can always consider affordability, reliability and most importantly service satisfaction.

The things my friend told me about hosting my websites are the things I also share with my friends who want to start their own, too. It helps to bring back time.

My Entrecard is Blocked?

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I have been having trouble on my entrecard lately. I don’t know if I am blocked already or if I just forgot my password. It’s been a week now that I could not log in. It only says that the password and the username I am using is not correct or not in their data base.

I don’t know what seems to be the problem. I accumulated a lot on EC points saying I could not use it anymore.

Credit Card Fraud

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I was very worried when I saw on TV a featured story about the latest credit card fraud that happened today. It was about somebody using someone else’s credit card successfully despite the credit card company calling the real owner to confirm his purchases and despite him denying it saying that he was not the one. Sadly, when he suddenly called up the store, he learned that the transactions happened anyway even if he told the store to hold the person doing the transaction because it is somebody else just using his credit card and yet when he arrived in the store, the store already released that person after that person presented some valid ID confirming he is the one in the credit card.

That’s very alarming because it seems easy nowadays to copy someone’s identity. You will just have to have an ID done in some streets in Manila. Although the authorities already know that this is fake IDs. It is very rampant along their areas yet this illegal business still continues to engage.

We cannot deny the time when we were applying something abroad. There were a lot of papers to be submitted first because other countries do not already have trust on us. There were some cases when someone goes abroad and work using someone else’s identity. They could manage to secure passport and other people’s documents using someone’s name. I hope that we will be having identity theft protection to end all this and spare further suffering from potential victims.

Clean and Safe Water

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We thought that those filtered water that we buy in some refilling station is already safe. We can’t be sure that those working in the station is trained enough to handle or prepare those water container water for us. Or if trained they are really following the aseptic techniques to make the preparation clean always. Or if they have undergone health examination if they are free from contagious elements or just parasites.

We are not sure that the government agencies responsible for implementing proper rules and guidelines of this water refilling station are really doing their jobs. Is there a regular spot checking of filters and other gadgets used in the filtering system of this station? Is there proper maintenance of the proper filtering process of our water?

I hope that this will be addressed properly by the government agencies responsible for this task. In the meantime, it is better to boil water if we are not sure of the quality and of some home filters or gswf. It is better that we the ones who are preparing than to gamble our own health to those we are not sure.

Starting to Work Out

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It’s been two weeks already since we started to work out again. After my wife wanted to try diet pill that work I told her that it is better to do some physical exercises that take those pills. That’s why we even spent for a mountain bike than on those pills.

Hopefully, biking three times a week with daily walking and jogging will help not only for her to lose weight but also to give us a better healthy life since we are not getting younger anymore.