What is Eczema?

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What is eczema? It is a general term for rash-like skin conditions. It is often very itchy and when you scratch it, the skin becomes red and inflamed. Although contrary to popular belief, not all eczema is not contagious although the exact cause of this is unknown. But you are likely to have eczema if you have family history of this. It can't be cured but it can be managed just to avoid the things that triggered it.

Reunion Season

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December is not only the time of gift giving, bonuses and love sharing. It is also a reunion season not only for family but also to be reunited again with your classmates and friends from elementary, high school to college.

Having get together way back in school years is really great. Sharing of those unforgettable things that had happened before, bringing back those memories and remembring mentors who molded us to become what we are today. Sometimes it makes you think what will be a great gift to them as a sign of thanks to those hardships they took on for us. Maybe wrinkle cream is a good gift because we somehow contributed to those wrinkles they have today.

SEO the World

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It is been more than two years since I first entered the world of blogging when my friend introduced me to this and helped me on how to start. I am eager to learn much about being in SEO. I would read and study about it until I lost my interest in it. Now there are lots of online seo tools available so I can now continue to learn more about it.

Campaign Strategy

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I am amused by all the campaign strategies that politicians are using nowadays. Unlike before where politicians campaign fund goes to posters, stickers and streamers. Now with the advent of colored posters, tarpaulin and TV campaign ads, politicians are also investing on their physical appearance by not only having adult acne treatment but also undergoing expensive facial treatment. Some even resort to plastic surgery to look good.

Car Battery Problem

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I am having a problem with my car battery lately. I always experience battery draining. Luckily my house garage floor is kind sloping that’s why it is easy for me to start the car by just having it go downwards but my problem is if I was in my son’s school sometimes I would have to ask the school security to have my car pushed so that we could go home.

I think I will really need a new battery already since we bought it more than two years ago.

Back to Real Life

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After two weeks of vacation, I am busy once again reviewing my son’s lessons because next week is his school examinations. That’s why as early as this now I am busy scanning all of his textbooks and banning him from playing computer and video games.

This is a busy week also for both of us because as a parent, I feel that I am having exams, too whenever he has them. I am also stressed out every time he could not easily get his lessons. That’s why my son examination week is also mine.

Illongo’s Foods

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What are Ilonggos’ signature foods? To me, these would include cansi (Illonggo style Bulalo), timan (Illonggo style suman or sticky rice), Manapla puto and of course, chicken inasal. These are the foods I really missed in Negros while my wife missed baye-baye, pastel and salted peanuts. I excluded other trademark dishes such as sea foods, batchoy, and other pork-made foods since I don’t eat these anymore for religious reason.

These are the foods you will really miss and the foods I wanted everytime I am in Negros. Luckily I am not eating lechon and dinuguan anymore. Otherwise, I’d have to tap on another free insurance quotes first before going home.


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During my recent vacation, I was able to meet my former boss who used to smoke three to four cases of cigarettes a day. He has undergone angioplasty due to severe pain in the chest last year. He stayed for many weeks in the hospital and spent lots of his future retirement money for this procedure.

I asked him if he is still smoking. He told me that after that attack he quit smoking finally. He now even felt dizzy if he smells cigarette smoking. I even joked at him that I have brought him imported cigarettes and he replied he will not do it again even if it’s an expensive or discount cigar. He still wants to see his kids grow and enjoy his retirement.

Election Fever

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Election fever can now be felt especially now that election day is fast approaching. Politicians are now busy put up their offices and they have started to formulate strategies for the campaign. Others are now putting elections paraphernalia such as campaign materials and office supplies .

Hopefully voters are now intelligent enough to choose who they will vote. Remember they will be in power for six years.