Gift Giving

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As we passed by Forbes Park yesterday, we saw people sitting in the sides of the road maybe waiting to those fortunate residents to give gifts during this season. As we all know Forbes is the place where the rich people live. I am glad to see that there are still people who love to share but I will be very glad if they can make it their way of living. I know some of the rich people even got their gifts from a place like but they can have a small portion of what they earned buy a kilo of rice, noodles and sardines. This can make one of our unfortunate fellowmen happy.

Fatty Foods

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Fatty and cholesterol foods are all around during this season. If you can’t avoid it, it is better to just moderate it. Although I myself love these foods, I know it is better for me to continue not eating pork due to religious reason but I can’t control my intake of “bulalo” beef bone marrow, beef fat and chicken. If you don’t want to list down those who are visiting doctors in the new year, it is better to avoid or control it. If you can’t consider having cleanse colon, hopefully it could help.


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I have a cousin who has a hard time doing some collections in his business. Since he is engaging with big companies here, he finds it challenging to fight them. Although it is big business and he will earn much, but big companies don’t give out money easily. That makes those companies owe him big money that even he had a hard time budgeting also. Only if we can have business credit card here designed for corporate, sole proprietorship, new business, and small business owners can he be able to sustain his business.


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I never thought of having an iPod before since it was not really my kind of gadget although I also like to have it. But when my sister in law won not just one but two ipod units, she gave us the ipod classic since she likes the nano more. Imagine just lately, my wife also won an iPod nano in one of the product promotional activities. Now instead of just having an iPod, we have to buy ipod docks for them.

Dressed To Kill

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Yesterday we had an early dinner in a famous restaurant where they made their really old photos as their restaurant wall paper. The photo was taken during 1950s out side their very first branch. You could see old cars parking out side and people walking in a wide and clean streets of Escolta, Manila. The very thing I noticed in that photos is that people during that time really wore proper dresses and they were wearing shoes . Some were even wearing coat and tie. They were really dressed to kill. Unlike today, people have already their special occasion dresses where they only wear them on a really special occasion.

Try to walk in the streets of Escolta in Manila today. You even see people walking with out wearing shirt. I remember my grand fathers told me that they use to sell fish in the market before but they really wore something elegant according to them. They called it “sputting” or dressed to kill. That’s why they were respected even though they were just fish vendors in the market.

Grand Lotto Jackpot Winner

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What are you going to do if you happened to be a winner of the grand lotto jackpot prize amounting to 741 million pesos? I am sure that those who bet for it already imagine what they were going to do if they will be the one who will bag the prize that big. I am sure those people had a sleepless nights dreaming of it. Maybe they will not be contended of having best acne treatments if they won but rather full facial enhancement if they won.

Small People

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It was really interesting to watch a reality show on TV about the dwarf couple. How they manage their family especially their kids. Of their children, one of them inherited dwarfism. The others are just normal and only one of their twins has this hgh problem. I admire how the mother manages those other children who discriminated her dwarf son. Instead of complaining she just invited all these kids in their house to have a small party.

One of their dwarf friends even said that he doesn’t have any hatred in this world even with his situation. He never thinks that he is small. He just thinks that the world just created big.