The Factor Philippines contestants are now down to their final four. I am sure you lots of you are now having their own bet on who will be the first X Factor Philippines grand champion. The singing reality show has been airing or so many months now. Although I don’t really follow the show, I see to it that I watch it every weekend and that I am updated about the competition turnout. I even have my own bet on who will win. I am confident about my bet since I saw her during her first performance when she auditioned. It is not about excellent microphones or voices, but the style or we can say the total package of a performer that can make someone win. Hopefully she will win.


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When was the last time our country received sports medals and trophies from an international sports competition committee like Olympics or even in some Asian games? I just observed that government doesn’t have better sports program that will really help to prepare our athletes in the international competition. We already accepted that we may not thrive in all sports, but in some sports, we feel that we can do it. I hope we should not just wait for those half Filipinos to be trained abroad. We hope to hear someday that our country will top in some international competition and events, and not just top in criminality and corruption.

Crime Rates

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It is the “ber” months by now. It is believed that petty crimes like hold up, snatching and burglary are expected to increase. So my question is this: given this knowledge provided by the statistics, how come our law enforcement agencies have not yet communicated about what they intend to do about it? Just yesterday, one house was burglarized and it is believed by eight persons were harmed. The driver forgot to close the door of the gate and despite the call to a police precinct which was just two blocks away from the house. There was no response from the police. With no police available in the station and only a desk officer around, what else can you do except do a blotter report of what happened? Luckily, the crime was not blamed by the police to the spring hinges of the door. 

 I remember few years ago when our car was parked outside our apartment parking area. It was also burglarized with some few things and the side mirror was also stolen. When I went to a nearby police station to report the incident and to ask for a blotter copy, I was even blamed by the desk officer because of what had happened. He then even asked for three hundred pesos for the police blotter when in fact, I realized that it only cost 10 pesos. I told my self that something inside the car was stolen, and on the other hand, I also experienced hold up inside the police station.


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Every time I stumble upon an internet free website builder like the, it reminds me of where I started from, more than ten years ago. I look back in year 2000, it was the time when I really started to love creating and designing websites from a free online builder. My friend suggested to me to have my own domain name and host it personally since I love designing, so that I could make money out of it. That’s where I started. I can’t begin to imagine that I am maintaining a website for almost five years with my own domain name and still hosting it.