Back to School Galore

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My friends’ kids are now starting to go back to school session after a vacation break in the US but because holiday season comes after it seems that vacation is not yet over.

They just invited us about their plans to see and join them on their weekend break. Since offers best deals on Disney World Tickets, big discounts and promos were also offered in other Orlando theme park.

As we all know this is the best place for the family especially our kids to see if you want an everlasting non stop enjoyment celebration. Especially my son Kyle who love Disney characters.
Hopefully on our 7th year wedding aniversary I could give my family an unforgettable family vacation trip at affordable price with the help of

Anyway you can call them toll free at (866) 225-4712 and be informed of their tickets and other affordable promos.

Two Days After Typhoon Ondoy

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It is really hard to imagine that two days after typhoon Ondoy hit the country, there are still people on the top of their house’ rooftop still waiting for any rescue. Two days with food and water some only depend on the rain as a source of water and yet we still could not see any clear actions of the government in terms of rescue and relief.

Just this morning we met some of the rescuers on the road. It seems like they don’t know where to go. There’s massive traffic congestion and yet only a few people are helping in facilitating the traffic. No police on uniform was helping few traffic enforcers. Sometimes you could even see civilian people helping in the traffic.

It is really sad to hear that some of the hospitals in Metro Manila were also affected by the typhoon Ondoy. Some of the hospitals were really affected by flood. With some of their medical equipment
washed away.

Hundreds of patients were also trapped on hospitals’ second floors since the ground floors were already submerged in waters. Even some were forced to transfer some of their patients and just stopped receiving patients anymore.

Hopefully normal hospital operations will return after a few days since more and more patients are expected after this typhoon leaves the country.

Accidents and Calamities

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I really had bad beliefs about insurances, especially like of those life insurance, term life ins, and other accident insurances. But because what I have seen on TV where with all the accidents and calamities every day in the news, sometime it makes you think that sometimes it is better to prepare for all of this.

As I was on the road everyday, I never miss a day without seeing road accidents. Luckily in Metro Manila traffic causes only minor accidents that take place but during those times I was assigned in Mindanao area especially traveling from one province to another, I would sometimes pass by really bad vehicle collisions where their life was involved.

Election Fever

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We really can feel the election fever nowadays with more than eight months to go before the national presidential election. Politicians are now starting to campaign even though they will deny it. Hopefully and I am praying that people now have learned how to properly choose their candidates. Not just thinking on what this candidate can give during his term but what this candidate will do after the election.

I am also praying that politicians must have best diet supplements so that they could bitterly think what they will probably or possibly do to benefits their constituents not to think what they can get from the authority they will enjoy if they are already there.

Sunday Night TV Programs

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I really have fun watching late night programs on TV and it made push back my sleep the other night. Last night, a program featured elegant houses and how it was designed, inspired and the purpose of doing such really great design. I started to dream and imagine again what if that house was min.

There was a three-bedroom house with lanai and family room with mini home theater for my son and my collections of things where I could put my DVD movies collected from my grandfather’s old projector with only projector headlights problem and my son’s toy cars collection.

That TV program made me a regular viewer every late Sunday night that sometimes it made me stay awake until 1-2 am in the morning.

Wedding Anniversary

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I am sure one of the unforgettable dates of happy couples is their wedding anniversary. No matter how expensive, simple, or even disgusting it is, you will never forget the day you and your other half became one. The day you were bonded together as one.

Sometimes I make a joke to my wife that I will never forget our wedding day because that was the day I regret the most and the same day she wished didn’t happen.

This coming September will mark our seventh year of marriage and seriously, we are still happy together through thick and thin.

I just wonder if, aside from those expensive gifts like jewelries, women shoes and bags, I can still ask what gift can I give to my wife?

Review Sites

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I just want to share with you the idea of being an informed consumer. In my own experience before I buy or try something I always seek and read reviews. I compare and gather information on everything that I plan to buy. This is to avoid regrets in the end. Aside from products, I also make review the kinds of services that I plan to avail of.

There are lots of review sites over the internet. Almost everything about products and services are on the internet. I was shocked that even medical service has its own reviews such as colon cleanse reviews and therapy reviews among others.

It pays to become an informed consumer.

Travel Site

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I am planning to bring my blogging to the next level. Since one of our blogs is about travel and restaurants, I’ve been wanting to open a new site where I can review hotels, resorts as well as restaurants. This way, I can give ideas to our readers about hotels and resorts that we have been to as well as to give our readers am informed basis for a better choice before trying anything to visit.

Hopefully next month I can launch my new travel site.