Family Picture

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It is nice to see a family picture wearing almost uniform shirts. We were planning to have our family picture taken in Boracay wearing all white shirt I even have in my mind family picture wearing adult scrub pajamas. Hopefully we will have it this in the coming days. Since it is really great to have family happy memories documented. Someday our kid will grow up and he will see how great family bonding we would have during this time and we love to continue it.

Reunion Preparation

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We will be having grand reunion two years from now, but seems even now my friends are so excited in the preparing for it. From the venue to the program and yes, even the planned basketball game. It’s been our funny moment to be talking about it since it has been more than 15 years now and some of us don’t have a chance to play basketball. I think we must have to prepare some muscle supplements and pain relievers for it.

Hospital set up

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I am a registered nurse but it’s been more than ten years w that I haven’t had a chance to work again in a hospital. That’s why when my sister in-law gave birth lately and have a chance to visit her in the hospital there are new things I have seen which were not available during our time in a hospital set-up. I think the only thing I know from now which I didn’t have any development is the medical step stools. Modern hospitals now even have new hydraulic electric hospital bed. It’s not like the one we are using before. It is like you are aiming a canon where you have to grind a handle if you want to elevate your patient bed.

What Happened

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It is really sad to hear celebrities still having problems related to drugs and alcoholism in spite of the fact that we heard they have already undergone rehabilitation in rehab facilities. We really have to improve our rehab centers here in the country although we have a better rehab here comparable to malibu treatment centers. Yet we still need to apply new approaches in dealing with this problem. Since we still hear more and more people are really becoming relapsed after a while.