What Happened

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We were so sad about what had happened to the bid of one vice presidentiable in the county. Although canvassing is still going on and no President and vice president were proclaimed yet, we were sad by the way the voting has turned out. He is a sure winner and even from the early survey he was far away from his closest opponent. And yet it turned out that one candidate who was just on the third place in the surveys has overtaken him in the partial and unofficial counts of the Commission on Elections.

My wife noticed that this losing candidate has suddenly looked old. Maybe he was so pressured and stressed in the past election and maybe he just needs more rest, facials and wrinkle cream.

My Daily Observation

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I am about to open new blog site. This is were I could write about everything and not be limited to only foods, health, travel, photography, reviews about best diet supplements, and other health, body and fitness issues. I want anything going under the sun that I experience, see, encounter and all of my daily observations in every day living.

Maybe I could include quotes, Bible verses, jokes, SMS messages and emails received. I wish I could launch this site in a few days time.

Vain, Gay or Metro Sexual Men

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Vain or metrosexuals are the usual terms for men who are really particular about how they look. Sometimes they are mistaken for being gays because there are men who sometimes do what the usually think that women do like. Examples are putting astringent, face creams, lotions and beauty creams before going to bed.

I have two uncles who usually do this. They are married and they used to be playboys during their single years. We cannot simply call them gays.

Wanted Best Friend

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I have been searching for my best friend for many years now. My last information is more than seven years ago when he and his wife decided to go to the United States to find job. He and his teacher’s wife heard about jobs in south jersey until then I never heard of him. I searched for him over the net but I never had a chance to locate him for now. Hopefully we could see each other again someday.

Nurses Reunion T shirt

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I was given a task to submit couple of designs for our upcoming batch reunion party. This is more memorable to us because we will be seeing again 15 years after our graduation in nursing school. So I incorporated in my designs the usual nursing stuff we do during our hospital duty days, nurses uniform, white shoes, thermometers, medical and surgical scissors, sphygmomanometer the classic one since we know some nurses are using wristech blood pressure monitor already. I also put our Philippine flag in the background since many of them are already working abroad.

I will leave it to my batch mates to decide if they will like and will vote for it.

Losing Candidates

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It’s sad to know that there are still candidates claiming that they did not lose in the recently held national election. The claim that they were cheated is a very old line we usually hear from those candidates who did not make it.

I thought that since we already had our very first automated election this defense mechanism already laid into rest but sadly there are still some who cannot accept defeat. We know this could mean an early Black Friday for them and to their supporters but hopefully they can let this election pass, learn to accept the facts and support the winning candidate instead.

Stop Smoking

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I am glad my friend told me that he finally quit smoking and never had a try for more than a year now. I remember he used to ask for a cigarette from my boss and we would smoke together at the back of our office during a break or if we are not busy at work. Although I am the first who quit more than seven years ago, now I get easily irritated every time I smell cigarette. I get mad if I see someone smoking in public places, too.

To the smokers only if you can let your self tried over a spirometer where it measures the volume of air inspired and expired by the lungs. This apparatus records the amount of air and the rate of air that is breathed in and out over a specified period of time, and see your self if your lungs still functions well. I know many said that it is hard to stop smoking but why we have done it.

My boss who used to smoke four packs of cigarette a day already stopped smoking after he got a heart bypass. But my office's head who used to smoke ine box of cigarette a day stopped smoking at the age of 50.At the age of 60 he can still do 100 push ups a day.

Help Support

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I am really grateful that there are lots of politicians who conceded already in the last election. Atleast now there is already someone who lost in the election in the Philippines. Unlike before that nobody lost in the election in this country because they all claimed of being cheated. This is the first ever automated election. Hopefully those politicians who lost their battle in this election might somehow instead of only watching what will be the mistake of those who won rather extend their hand and help for the better of this country.

To those supporters of the losing candidates: don’t get upset if your candidate lost. Just forget the past and please support also the winning candidate. Please extend your hand to those neighbors, friends and relatives and be friends with everyone to stay away from wrinkle lotion.


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Hopefully after the national elections, the people will accept and support whoever wins in this historical event. This is the first ever automated election in the country.

As we all know in the past election, no candidates were lost as they claim they were cheated. Hopefully in the automated election losing candidates can now learn to concede as what we have heard the other day that national candidates were conceding. Forget, forgive and just support the winning candidates. This is just my advise to those who lost: there are lots of best anti wrinkle cream in the market today.

A Journey to Wealth

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One of the interesting films I got to watch lately is a movie called “Journey to the Center of the Earth” starring Brendan Fraser. The story revolves around a failing science professor, a mountain climbing guide and a child who is the nephew of the professor. The three find themselves embarking on an adventure in search of the center of the earth that the professor’s brother.

As an adult who has already somehow let go of my childish fantasies, what struck me in the film is on how much valuable gems are in making someone wealthy. There is a scene where the child got to collect diamonds such that when the three got back to the “normal earth,” they are already wealthy. The professor is able to purchase his failing office and instantly becomes the boss.

In reality, one doesn’t need to embark on such majestic journey to get an investment piece like a diamond. One simply has to buy gold bullion as a means to preserve wealth. This is because gold never depreciate in value. It only increases over time.

Willie Revillame’s Demand

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I was able to watch the noontime show WOWOWEE and was able to witness how the host Willie Revillame threatened ABS-CBN Management that if they will not fire Radio and Showbiz commentator Jobert Sucaldito he will resign as host of WOWOWIE. For me, this is really unacceptable and done in bad taste. If I am the owner of the station I would likely fire Revillame himself. More of my Opinion on Willie Revillame’s Demand in my next post.