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Sadly we don’t have a chance to watch basketball. It will be a chance of a lifetime for others who really wanted to see how their NBA star playing basketball. Not just be in the country for some tour wearing parish clothing or advertisement endorsement. Although it is been a dream come true to our very own PBA players as well as to our Philippines team basketball players to play with their idols in NBA in a basketball game.

From Poor to Riches

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We love stories about successful people especially people from poor living who gained a better life because of hardship, working hard and perseverance in life. These include people who just sell foods carrying basket to pushing of food carts. They have been buying better casters but it was really hard for them until they became rich and have big food restaurant chains.

Hopefully these stories will be our inspiration not make us feel envious and pull people down.

Small Space

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More and more people really want to work in the city. Maybe because there will be no available jobs for them in the province where they came. That’s why more and more people living in the city has contributed to its congestion. Like what is happening now in the Metro. You can’t find low cost housing or town houses in the city. All are now in an apartment or condominiums. Imagine a family of five living in a one bedroom place. The use of ceiling tv mounts for their appliances is a big help to conserve more space to be used by the family.

Local Delicacies

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Filipinos love food so much and as a matter of fact, many are using fat burners that work. As what we know the Philippines is composed of many islands with different tribes in origin. Our country also has been with different foreign invaders before. So we have lots of local dishes and delicacies in every province. Foods are inspired by different nationalities around the world from Malaysia, India, Spain, China and America. Now especially with Filipinos working abroad they also brings recipes from countries where they have been.