Playing Guitar

Posted by Suplado | 8/22/2012 | 0 comments »

Playing guitar used to be my favorite past time. Perhaps it was the favorite past time of many people in our barangay before. During that time, cable TV was not yet even available in our place. There were no computer games, cell phones, tablets, and even a CD or MP3 player at that time. All that we did during free time was to gather with our friends with just an old guitar and we would be playing with the cheapest strings for guitar where we strummed. We wre all happy singing until karaoke came into our place and almost every establishment had it.


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Many still believe in the coming of sunshine after the rain in this country. We can still have a party, sound system and bubble machine despite the inclement weather we just experienced a few days ago. We thank Almighty Father Yahweh because as of today, the sun already shines after after almost a week of continuous raining, leaving Luzon especially Metro Manila almost 50 percent in flood water. At least some of the major roads which were previously not passable for the past days can now be used by the SUV’s. But I still see some of light vehicles like cars passing through almost two feet of flood waters. 

 There is still more fun to expect in this country, after all.