Family Band

Posted by Suplado | 12/20/2015 | 0 comments »

Who would forget about the live bands playing in a party and any gathering during 70’s? I still remember about it because my grandparents used to manage a band during that time. I remember when we have a small stage inside the house where the bands were practicing songs. Musical instruments, wires, amplifiers were normal sights that you would find in our living room. I was not sure if they’d find the ravish out of those items, but I remember amplifiers and speakers were really big. This is so unlike our time today when music is played by mp3 players and cellphones.

Ultimate Vacation

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It has been my dream to experience winter season in another country, since Philippines does not have winter season. Winter is the coldest season of the year in some parts of the world, and since I come from a country where the weather is predominantly tropical, the idea of falling snow and clothing myself with thick apparel amidst the freezing cold temperature just excites me. Cozy Winters is the site that I happen to bumped into, as I explore how to make this dream of mine come true. I am looking forward to the way when I would do new activities designed for this kind of weather. Hopefully my ultimate vacation is yet to happen.