Food Trip Break

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After a week of food trip this holiday season, it is the best time to give way to healthy cooking. This is in order for me to compensate for the excessive meals I had from eating in different restaurants in the metro resorts out of town. This includes the unlimited beef steak I got carried away with when we ate at Brazil restaurant, the Angus rib eye steak I had at the Island Cove and the lamb chops steak from Nurture Spa and Resort.

While the past week is when I had the most expensive food trip week I ever had, I believe that there’s no place like home. Today we’re just home just cooking fish for dinner.

Pop up TV

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My cousin felt lucky that she has her new 32-inch wide plasma TV. She just called and wanted my help on her new home theater. She asked about how to install those speakers she had to go with her new plasma TV.

As she spoke, I told myself I that will really save to have my own LCD or flat screen TV someday. Since my son is still young, I may prefer a pop up tv to protect it once I acquire it.

Bloggers are Paid to Post

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The time flies really fast. It seems like yesterday and I just realized that I am already blogging for 11 months now. Next month will mark my one year of being in the blogging gig.

This “other career” started when my friend taught me how to blog. Blogs helped me a lot in expressing things I wanted to say, show my web designing and writing skills even though I am not so much of a writer but I am sure I may have lots of ideas to share.

Eleven months of blogging and I have learned the truth out of what my friend told me: that there is really magic online. One magic is that of I will get paid to post

This was among the initial motivations I have that made me excited and eager to start blogging. I am very thankful that I started blogging 11 months ago because it really helped me a lot financially and even intellectually. I learned when I write because it entails that I have to gather information, too.

Blogging has become my hobby. At the same time blogging can become an addictive activity, too. I get high posting more informative ideas and stories, sharing my adventures and travels, showing off my photography skills and sharing how I am able to earn from blogging.

I am sure that like other bloggers who monetized their blogs, there is no stopping once you begin to earn more online. I am sure bloggers already heard about and earned from PayingPost. com.This website made bloggers enjoy while posting as they earn online by reviewing or writing articles on websites, products, companies and services online.

Paying Post serves as a possible bridge between the bloggers like us and advertisers who want to make their services known in the world wide web. It also emphasizes the importance between the blogger and the advertiser with the help of bloggers’ shared opinions on a certain products and services while the advertiser will pay for the services bloggers render.

Holiday Season Problem

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I am sure many of you now are gaining weight like me. Usual holiday season problem. As what my wife told me just this afternoon after noticing that I am gaining weight. I am amenable to that because I observed that I love to eat lately.

That’s why I am considering Fentraphen to burn all this fats. I decided to have a little exercise also since I am not getting any younger anymore. Hopefully I could be a fit as I am again as I grow old.

Everything must be reviewed.

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It has been my habit that every time I have to buy something for use, I would always visit or read a review of the product first. It is important to know the product before buying or using it. To make sure that the product you are going to buy is worth buying and really fitting for you such as Weight Loss products, please read all the honest opinions or review on them first especially from people who tried and used them. This way, you will not regret once you have them.

Visit Review King for quick and efficient manner of reviews for all the products and services you looking for.

Manny Paquiao Wins

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Opp-300x300It has been a problem every holiday season thinking about what gift you are going to prepare. A gift is something special and may be simple or not too expensive. It can also be elegant and unforgettable. These personalized holiday giftsare great for your love ones, office mates, team mates or classmates.

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Oprah Winfrey is really considered the most influential woman not only in the US but in the world after being chosen as the No.1 by the Hollywood Reporters on their 17th annual Power 100 in women in entertainment, following the number seven spot last year.

Top ten on the list are:

1. Oprah Winfrey, - Harpo Inc. Chairman
2. Anne Sweeney, Disney-ABC Television Group (Pres) and Disney Media Networks(co-chair)
3. Amy Pascal, Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group(Chairman) and Sony Pictures Entertainment (co-chair)
4. Nancy Tellem, CBS Paramount Network Television Entertainment Group (Pres)
5. Stacey Snider, DreamWorks (co-chairman and CEO)
6. Bonnie Hammer, NBC Universal Cable Entertainment and Universal Cable Productions (Pres)
7. Judy McGrath, MTV Networks (chairman and CEO)
8. Mary Parent, MGM Worldwide Motion Picture Group (chairman)
9. Dana Walden, 20th Century Fox Television (chairman)
10. Nina Tassler, CBS Entertainment (Pres)

If you want to see all the Power 100 complete list, please check this out:

Importance of Education

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Two years ago, my-sister-in law wanted to pursue an advance study in MBA in London. She had passed all the entrance exams and was even given a scholarship. The only problem was that she had a regular job and already an officer. It’s a waste if she would resign since she already worked there for almost ten years and she loves her company. If she did resign, she would have lost all her benefits. But she believed the importance of education.

But she made think after hearing school mba online. Here she can pursue her studies even at home as a regular employee. In the online school like Capella University. This is a fully online university for Master’s and PhD degress for working adults like her.

Capella University’s latest podcast online education is approved by the state and will enable you to earn your degree while at home in front of your computer. This is available via subscription in iTunes.

Capella offers not only graduate degree programs in business but a lot more. I even think of taking my Master’s Degree in public health or safety in Capella. They also offer degree program in information technology, education, human services, psychology and bachelor’s degree programs information technology and public safety.

Currently, there are 109 graduate and undergraduate specializations and 15 certificate programs.

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It is really one of our dreams to have our batch website. It was initially just a suggestion from my friend until my other friends decided to have it officially. With the help of my friends Maue amd Arvin who are working in San Francisco, we were able to collect some monetary budget for the hosting fee to start our official Sultans website. Thus, we made a decision to have our own domain.

With the help of our Almighty Father, we have purchased and slowly started our batch website its Please bear with us we are still in the process of making it great and more interactive.

Hopefully this will help our batchmates a lot to have open communication with each other where ever in the world they may be.

Scrapbooking Lover

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My wife Denice told me that scrapbooking used to be one of her favorite things to do when she was still in high school. Until now she still tried her hands at this hobby once in a while. She cuts some of gift wrappers, bags and cards. She does it with our pictures and sometime use them as her papers box.

She made a scrapbook as an album. Would you believe she made one recently in collaboration with our son who helped choose the colors of paper to put together.