Business Name

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Maybe it’ time to have my own business card. Having your own business requires that you have your own business card. This will also gain trust from your clients and business associates. In order for me to advertise my business, it may be better for me to have my business postcards and even websites for better exposures. A simple but complete information of my business is essential especially if it involves selling.

Typhoon Victims

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While some of you are busy installing your artificial christmas trees and putting up decorations, our brothers and sisters in Northern Luzon especially those who are living in the places that were directly hit by typhoon Juan are suffering. With the typhoon signal number strength increased to number four, those who live near the coast suffered heavy damage and even reported that some places are isolated. I am sure they can still recover since we Filipinos don’t easily give up.

Best Way to Lose Weight

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In your own experience, what for you is the fastest way to lose weight ? It can be through natural means. I remember three years ago when my son was around the age of 2-3 years old and started to walk, that’s the time that I really lost weight so much. Even compared to when he was still a newborn when I was the one waking up every two hours every night just to bottle feed him and have him 30 minutes on my shoulder to burp. That’s why today when he is six years old I have gained back more weight again. Maybe it’s time to have a small baby in the house again.

Barangay Election Candidates

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With the development of almost anything in the world, even candidates for a Barangay and SK election are riding on with the trends. Before, you would only see the name of the candidates on their campaign banners and paraphernalia. Some would just paint only using bare hands. But now with the existence of modern printing press and tarpaulin you could now see their faces everywhere. Sometimes you are not sure if they are the one in those photos or it is their photo 10-20 years ago or if they have undergone best acne treatment because you will see that they have fair and smooth skin in the photos instead. It is likely a result of photo shop or computer enhancement. But as voter I hope we are matured already in terms of choosing who will lead us even at the barangay level. Choose those who really want to serve and not those who are willing to be served.

Body Works

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Almost everyday, some TV shows feature new ways and gadgets on how to make your body lose weight and turn beautiful. You could also find lots of weight control and appetite control pills, but according to a study, more and more people are over weight. For me even with all of these but if you don’t have discipline, you can’t achieve what you want on your body. Discipline yourself and you will really get what you want.

Rescued Miners in Chile

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As expected, the 33 miners who were trapped underground due to the landslide in Chile were finally rescued as of today. The Chile peoples have developed a great kind of tunnel where the men were safely rescued one by one.

Once everyone was out, families and relatives of those who were rescued must have felt like they have found a gold bullion seeing their loved ones safe and back to the bright world.

It was reported that a baby born recently around the time of this event was supposed to be named “Carolina” but due to this event, her parents decided to name her “Esperanza” instead as this means “hope” in Chile’s language.

It’s indeed a happy ending for this event.

Wish List

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I am sure most of us have a wish list especially as this year ends. I am sure most of us are wishing for new appliances like television, LCD TV or a new car. For women I am sure these would be dresses, jewelries and shoes but for most of us I am sure laptops, music players, cell phones and other gadgets are on the list like Apple’s ipod touch, Ipad and iPhones. How I wish to own iPad also. How about you, what is you wish?

Losing Weight

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I was really glad when I checked my body weight and discovered that I was losing weight and almost back to my ideal weight again. I may not need weight loss pills that work anymore. Biking and climbing stairs contribute a lot after I gained more weight since I stopped jogging due to lack of time. I was hoping that this trend will continue.

Heroes Go for the Gold

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Today has been marked for the rescue of Chile miners who had been stuck under the ground for the last 33 days. Reportedly, only one can get out per hour.

In a way, these miners are still lucky that their current circumstances happened in today’s age where there have been lots of modern technological means to keep them alive and far from insanity under the ground.

Nevertheless, these miners can be considered heroes once they are out of the deep hole. It’s not a joke to stay down below for 33 days as part of the unlikely consequences of being a miner seeking for gold bar and other treasures. They deserve no less than a celebrity or VIP treatment long after this event is over.