Sin Tax Law

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After the approval in the bicameral committee of both house and the senate, the bill is to be submitted to the office of the President. It is only now that the signature of the President is needed so that sin tax bill will turn into law. This sin tax law will benefit 5.2 million Filipino families through taxes that will be collected. Hope this intention will also lessen smoke related diseases and thus will really benefit the people. Government will also be diligent in guarding cigarette smuggling and online buying with out paying taxes. Hope online transaction like buy acid cigars online can also enable the BIR to collect revenues for the government.

Past Time

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I remember that one of my favorite past times used to be playing guitars. I am sure some of you also share the same hobby when you were at my age during high school in the late 80’s and early 90’s. But personal computers and game consoles were introduced in mid 90’s. That’s the beginning of these gadgets as past times especially among the teenagers. Even today, I would see young kids in the streets who are not playing their dean guitars but are busy playing with their tablets and game consoles.