Simple Protection

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There are some tiny things that we sometimes neglect at home as parents especially with young kids at home. Please have extra precaution in everything at home. Always put your self at the side of your small kids. What are the possible things that can do harm to him and even to you as parents. There are small things like electrical outlets, table edges and slippery mats. Checks your mats first or test it. Don’t consider it as lincoln mkt custom floor mats. Like in our experience, we bought an anti slip mat for the bath room but this mat caused us to slide. Simple things but can really hit you hard sometimes.

Long Weekend

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Another long weekend is what most of us are really waiting for. We hope for a long break from the usual every day job and school. We hope for a break from the hectic daily routine. This is the only time when we can sleep without having an alarm clock. Although I am sure this is the only time also when the family would go out of town. All I want is more relaxing time in a quiet place setting with swing sets together with my family.


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I can’t imagine how we have survived the hard start up phase my wife and have survived. I couldn’t even think of those tears we both have shed because of everyday trials we used to encounter. A month from now, we are about to celebrate our eight years and we thank our Almighty Father that although we still have trials, with prayers, we can mange through it all. To all the who people have helped us in any way, hopefully we can thank them with a personalized gift someday.