She Blogs

Posted by Suplado | 7/13/2008 | , | 0 comments »

She’s back on her track again.

I am just happy that my wife is writing again after more than four years of hiatus due to busy office work and taking care of our family especially on our son Kyle.

Writing is really her domain. She used to be editor-in-chief and associate editor of the school paper in her high school and college days respectively.

In between her day job many years after, I know that she has been a contributing writer to various local magazines and newspapers as well. I could see her name in some of them when we were oceans apart and still friends. She also was a former Business Editor of Launch Asia Magazine, a publication circulating in Asia Pacific until both she and her friend (the paper’s editor in chief) decided to respond to “their calling” so the paper had to take the back seat.

I am very proud for having a wife like her. She writes really good articles, (just don’t encourage her to do so, just don’t set a deadline and she will write). She writes only when her mood strikes (I’m not the only one saying this --- go ask her Effective Writing professor) and that’s why she doesn’t like to be a regular writer of a publication.

Convincing her to write again and to start blogging is not easy either. I have to prove it first to her that my blog site is worth her while. When time allows, she edits most of my blogs (Suplado online, Suplado’s world and and articles. I am not as good as a writer than she is but I know that my article looks better and have better sense if she edits it.

I am proud to say that she finally started blogging and I hope to read more from her in the future. Visit My Wife’s Journal and Memos to MySelf and read to yourself the writings of a great writer.