Colon Cleansing

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I will never forget the day when I received health freebies before I think it is just a gift freebies whenever you will en rolled in a fitness gym. My sister in-law gave it to me. It was composed of couple of stubs. I think some of it is a free spa, facial service and lots more. We availed all of it one by one until we never knew and just surprised that one of it was a free body check up.

The doctor was so accommodating that she even expected us more questions, until she introduced to us a colon cleansing scheme. Since I was also a nurse and believed the good effect of colon cleanse, but still the feeling of putting some liquid in your anus with a lady doctor and a nurse was so embarrassing. Even though my wife kept on pushing me to do so, we never came back for the colon cleanses schedule we supposedly have had.

I never thought of having an insurance before, whatever form it may be regardless if concerning health, life, house, or travel. This is because I thought I am just preparing for something that might not happen. My view about insurance changed when I already have my own family and am getting old. It is really important to have your own insurance nowadays. We can’t be sure what things might happen next.

After our visa was approved for an out the country trip, I never thought that one of the requirements is to secure travel insurance for the said travel aside from my personal health insurance. There is such a thing as travel insurance, too. I heard some insurance companies are offering life insurance no medical exam types. Others even insure their own pets and I wonder why can’t I have one, too.

Filipinos do not run out of ideas when it comes to working and earning just to provide their family a better life although we know it’s really hard to work abroad just to earn money. As we all read and hear in some reports about how some of the Filipinos working abroad are being treated, still thousands of Filipinos are leaving the country everyday in search for greener pasture.

Filipinos abroad don’t stop there. Even with their regular jobs they are still finding ways to get some additional income. One of my friends who work as nurse in London also sell food supplements, diet pills and some health products. I am not sure if he is selling Liporexall, too. Some are selling Filipino foods during gatherings, My Physical Therapist friend also offered his massage service for minimal amount to other Filipino also.

This hardship only to give their family a better and secured life also remind us about the new heroes as what we called to those Filipinos working abroad to understand also. Our brothers, sisters and parents working abroad are not earning money that easy.

The world is in a frantic stage of how to control the widespread of this AH1N1 flu virus pandemic which already hits more than 20 countries around the world believed it started in Mexico and already identified thousands of cases. More than a dozen of deaths already were already listed where 44 people died of the flu strain in Mexico and two in the U.S.

Until now, no vaccine has been developed to fight this virus since these are not an ordinary virus. According to reports, it is the combination of swine, birds and human flu viruses.

Right now, the main focus after this widespread virus is on developing a vaccine and medicine for protection before this virus will strike other affected countries and to minimize the possibility of death. It is hoped that this virus will be controlled or totally eliminated to prevent rare diseases such as cancers, mesothelioma among others. To date though, even long time known viruses causing AIDS have not been address by vaccines.