Summertime – Get away deals

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It is official that the PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration) has already declared the start of summer season. Although the past days after such declaring were preceded by heavy rains, everyone can feel the heat by now. Hopefully we can take our swim suits, best orthaheel sandals and other summer get ups out. Start searching for the best places to see this summer. Check some getaway and travel deals and discount coupons. Have more fun this summer.


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Having a son that was acknowledged with his talent in art or drawing is priceless. I can’t describe the gratitude and feeling of blessedness that I have as a parent. No gold eagle coins can compare with the medal he received when he won in a drawing competition. I hope and pray that he can develop more of his talents, and that his participation in competitions like this will bring glory of our Heavenly Father Yahweh.

Five Years

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I am amazed and at the same time happy knowing that has been five years since I started this website. This is one of the few websites that I started years ago, and I am glad that this website continues to be active with my postings. With Almighty Yahweh’s grace, I pray that this will continue till next decade or maybe a century more, so I can keep on sharing more product reviews and personal stories with you.

Singing Blind

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I really admired a blind man singing with just his ukulele in a church in Cebu. His video became viral when somebody took him a video and uploaded it in youtube. I saw the video that was shared in my facebook account more than a week ago and just saw him. He was featured in a television show. That’s when I knew that the guy was from Cebu. He was an instant celebrity from then on. Someone might be thinking right now: why not take a video of me playing my cool ESP Guitars? Who knows you will be discovered, too.