Reunion Activities

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I was amused when I heard that playing basketball will be one of our activities during our reunion. Two years from now, we would be in our late mid 30’s. By that time, I can only hope we still have the energy and stamina that we used to have when we’d play basketball during our college years. That was 20 years ago. I am not sure if we can still run. Maybe we will just bring arthritis pain relief, oxygen tank and other injury emergency kit because I am not sure if we can still play 15 minutes in two quarters.

Our Reunion

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It’s to years to go before our group grand reunion will take place. As early as last year we have been busy preparing for it. We plan to hold this activity in a memorable place that will facilitate special bonding and friendship. Twenty years after we created a group, we have become close friends and are now like brothers and. I even plan to have a specially-designed lapel pins for us for the token, apart from T-shirts and other souvenir items.

Business Made Easy

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With the development of cell phones and internet, almost every thing now is within our reach especially in terms of business and technology information. You can have better business transactions with your client as well with your business partner and employees. You can have conference calls with your business associates wherever you are as long as there’s an internet access. You can even put up a store just within the confines of your house. Really today’s wired world makes doing business easy.

Everything Fine

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Last week my wife had their office affair held in a private club and resort in Batangas. She stayed for the night in this report and according to her, the place has every thing beautiful to the eyes. Amenities, services and everything the place has to offer are nearly ideal, from the time they arrived until they first saw their room. Her bathroom was equipped with not just Moen faucets but rather all materials are of excellent quality and style. Hopefully we could also spend a day in that resort but then in there, you must be a member first.

Engagement Ring

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How would it feel to have a $6.4 million rare 5.16 carat blue diamond in your engagement ring? I am sure you will not use it anymore and you will just to keep it in a very safe place. Yes this is the price of a rare 5.16 carat blue diamond sold in an auction in Hong Kong. Imagine how much this would cost after 10 years? The blue diamonds are still the best investment if the world still remains after 10 years.