My wife’s former colleague lives in Policarpio Street in Mandaluyong City. It is a well known place for its outdoor lighting during December season. Most of the houses are decorated with light which would be nice to see during at night. Even with some news coming out that home owners said the traditional lighting will not be as beautiful compared to before, still when you visit the place the bright lights are still there aside from those “tiangges” which are not present this year.

I Joined Filipino Unite

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72. Kit(suplado) Makati PhilippinesSuplado’s reviews –

I was a former Citizens Army Training (CAT) Officer in High School with the rank of Major (S1) Adjutant of our battalion. Being one was among the most unforgettable moments of my high school years and maybe of my life. I remember we were the most hard trained cadet officers of the entire batch of officers because we were all male trainees with no assigned teacher to supervise our summer cadet training. So higher year officer can do whatever obstacle and punishment they wanted us to have.

I will never forget the reliability and durability of 5.11 Boots our running core-commander was using. It was gift a to him by his aunt from the states. First we laughed at him because he was wearing different types of combat shoes. We were wearing our local combat shoes with a hard top and sole. We believed since it was a regular issue from our soldier from the Armed Forces it could survive what ever terrain and sacrifices we had during our summer training. While he was wearing light rubberized tactical boots, we believed that it could not finish a one month cadet officer’s summer training.

During the entire training we jogged for 2-3 kilometers in rough, rocky muddy and wet road everyday. We passed by sugar cane plantations and small lakes too. Aside from 3-4 hours marching drills amidst the rain or shine, we also did obstacle course in similar weather. We survived push ups, duck walks and squatting that could possibly tear and wear not only our shoes but also our body.

A month of summer trainings is unforgettable, hard, tiring but we enjoyed it all. Nobody from us backed out and everyone was successful in undergoing all those trainings. We passed the training and became officers. With the experience and discipline we had, we can leverage our strength not only as high school officer but also even in our lives. We earned camaraderie and friendship that bonded us the entire batch of trainees and that cannot be forgotten. We damaged our combat shoes, pants and shirts and we also experienced cuts, burns and minor injuries but never our intention to become and officer. But believed our Core commander was still using his 511 boots without damage during our high school military presentation the time we were already an officers.

November 29-30, 2008 - Nurses’ Licensure Exam (NLE) Result will be released on January 2009 according to the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC). The 2008 nursing board exam set the PRC record of the most number of examinees in the entire Philippine Board exam history. A total of 88,750 nursing graduates are now taking the exam in different PRC testing centers designated in the Philippines.

In the same month, I took my Nursing Board exam in 1996 in Cebu City, Philippines. There were 19 of my batch mates who were included in the top 20, specifically the top 1, 3, 6 and 9. But our exam results were released 3 weeks after we took the exam.

So to all nurses who are now talking their examinations, just pray, believe and it will be given to you. Congratulations in advance.

True Spirit of the Holiday Season

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When you happen to passed by Ayala Avenue in Makati or in any major roads along Metro Manila, you can already see beautiful and bright lights decorated anywhere. It is like you in are in the strip of Las Vegas as what I have check in a las vegas strip map .

Even though we are amidst onset of economic crisis in the world, you can never stop the Filipinos from celebrating this holiday season in spite of those warning given by some financial experts that it is really time to save in preparation for the said crisis. I am not a kill joy or something that December season is not the only time we must celebrate all these things and celebrate in this manner. Even in the Bible it is not written that we should celebrate like this.

What I am saying is that with all these expenses we have, what if we would just only buy rice and canned goods and we will distribute it to those hungry people living along the roads in the metro? How about helping those children who are victims of injustice and slavery? I am sure our Heavenly Father will happy for this.

December 6, 2008 will be another judgment day on who will win the Manny “Pacman” Paquiao with the fight records of (47-3-2, 35 KOs) and Oscar Golden Boy Dela Hoya with (39-5, 30 KOs) in a 147-pound weight limit and 8-ounce gloves boxing match.

Question still remains on how much Manny Paquiao will earn in this fight because he sacrifices a lot of things in this fight. His WBO world title belt and fined thousands of dollars for this fight are at stake. As we all know Dela Hoya is a much bigger fighter than Paquiao but who cares? As long as Paquiao will lose in this fight he could have the money that he could have for a life time.

The fight is expected revenue to exceed more than US$100 and with the 60-40 fight agreement. Where will Dela Hoya get the 60% while Paquiao 40%? In this fight Pacquiao is estimated to earn more than 40million USD the biggest earning he will get in his entire career fight.

can retire after this fight, I think. He has all the money unless he has plan to run again in politics. He will surely lose all this.

It seems that the traffic congestion this holiday cannot be avoided. This is the time where most of the people really go out to shop or to buy something for there love ones. But buying and shopping around this time is not really that fun anymore due to the heavy traffic, congestion, holiday rush and crowded shopping malls, making this channel not a very good one anymore.

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I really felt bad when I heard that my high school Alma Mater, my beloved Holy Trinity Academy in Fabrica, City of Sagay closed down couple of years ago. I will never forget that every 27th or 28th December, my schoolmates and I used to have our school reunion coming from different places since we graduated from this school.

Sadly, we now cannot hold our reunion this coming December in this place unless maybe some of the classes will find an alternative place to having their class reunion somewhere like my cousins’ batch mates.

The High School Class of 1986 will be having their reunion next year. My cousin Helen asked me if I could make them a sort of website where their batch mates can discuss details of the said plan. Hopefully, I could get the full details of it and will post it on my new created site for them.
To All Holy Trinity Alumni who wish to post any information about their latest class activities, please email me at or visit

Report Corrupt Enforcers

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Just this morning, my fellow parents in my son’s school talked about their experience pertaining corruption of those traffic enforcers along major roads and city roads in the metro. Imagine all of us are already victims of those corrupt enforcers. What more this coming holiday season. Enforcers really work hard to give you some violation which sometimes you don’t know how they became violations.

Traffic enforcers must remember that their obligations are to manage traffic, enforce traffic rules, guide motorists’ in the proper use of the road, proper driving, facilitate for the continuous flow of traffic and not just to find road violators.

If the Philippines will be free from corruption starting in terms of being honest in the use of the government’s office supplies to as big as road projects in just two years, I am sure Philippines will back on track as a tiger of economy in Asia again.

Entrecard Droppers

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Thank you so much bloggers for always visiting my Suplado Reviews site. I have been busy for the past weeks and was not able to drop by. But hopefully I can visit your blogsites as soon as I can. This is my own way of thanking for those Entrecard droppers who continue to visit mine.

To all Entrecard droppers in my website, please continue visiting my site. Everytime I drop by, I always start clicking the "drops inbox" first to visit also those bloggers who dropped by. Once again thank you!

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When I was still working as a nurse in the hospital and health center, I remember putting into heart the importance of uncompromising the medical supplies that we were using. From gloves, syringes to surgical instruments, the quality had to be ensured. We should ensure they were provided by trustworthy and dependable suppliers. There’s no place for fly-by-night suppliers that could possibly harm our patients’ health.

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Who could forget Nat and Alex Wolf from the hit show “Naked Brothers Band” of Nickleodeon’s documentary, rock musical comedy series? Want to chat with Nat, the talented 13 year old lead singer, song writer, keyboardist and guitarist who already played instrument at the age of four? How about his curly younger brother Alex a drummer, play keyboard and sometimes a song writer too? You can catch them live at at around 7:00 pm Saturday night.

This is in line with the new premier Operation Mojo on November 22 Saturday night 8:00 Eastern time. The Naked Brother: Operation Mojo is still part of their Teenick Series “The Naked Brothers Band” 6th television movie. I am sure million of fans who love them and their music will not let this pass by and I am sure it will help Nat get his Mojo Back!!!

Visit their site and get updated with their latest photos, music and news. I had fun reading their blogs on what’s happening to them in their shooting. I also had fun reading those fans leaving messages on their message board. Operation Mojo will be another hit from the Naked Brothers Band, millions of fans are already waiting for this premier I am sure you too.


Travel and Foods

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I was so happy when I acquired my longest dream DSLR camera. At least with my Canon 100oD I can make my photography, travel and restaurant blogsite Suplado Online more colorful and visually attractive.

I hope with those catchy food photos I have on my restaurant and foods, the posts can encourage you to try every food I have featured. Anyway, we are able to visit every place and try the food we feature here. Hope you can visit a site that will bring you a world of discoveries.

Beauty Enhancement Surgery

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My wife and I are talking about marketing and promotional activities every company has been embarking on in times like this. I’m referring to the economic problems that our society is experiencing. But suddenly another topic came out to our mind. Is there really an economic problem? If there is, why are more and more people still undergoing beauty enhancement surgery?

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I missed updating my, my News and Information site for almost 2 months. Maybe because of my computer connection problem and also during our two-weeks vacation.

But now I am back to give you more of the latest news and information about the happening in the country and the world. I have written an article about the Effect of Economic Recession on Filipino Nurses and other Filipino who work overseas. Hope you could visit and read about it.

Dollar Store

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When I first discovered dollar store in one of the malls here in the metro, I immediately informed my wife about it and she immediately visited and liked the store. Since then, she'd always visit the place. Luckily, one store opened near our place. I wonder what would be in that store that people like to buy a lot of stuff.

You could find cheap but quality products, budget items for use in the home. Maybe that's the reason why more and more want to acquire dollar store franchise because people really love to patronize it.

Promotional Competition

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After almost two weeks of vacation and with all the fresh and best foods in the province to discover new restaurants and dishes to eat, my wife and I have really gained weight. Her officemates and my friends really could tell.

That made my wife start searching again for ways to lose her excess weight the natural way and without strenuous exercise since she doesn't have time to work out. Unlike me --- I can get easily lose weight because I still have time to work out.

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As I have mentioned frequently in my previous articles, my dream is to have my own DLSR camera. I think that pursuit for my excelling in my photography will elevate a hobby into a profession when I am able to own it. I love to take photos whatever subject it may be.

My dream recently came true lately. I happened to acquire a camera that is not the expensive but one that could already make me happy. It’s a Canon 1000D, the new DSLR model from Canon. Great time to start my photography and images and photo collection website..

With the excitement still burning inside me, I’ve been taking photos whenever I am on the road on travel, inside a restaurant where are eating --- as long as I have a chance to take photos. I will just focus my lens, I the clicks on my camera hardly stop.

Part of those photos I share in my new website showcasing the fusion of photographs and captions by my wife. The will showcase all of my photos taken with different subjects ranging from food, nature, places, people particularly celebrities that I happened to meet take a shot of along the way. is my collection of images or photos taken by me and used in my other blogs. For me it is my collection of my best shots which I am proud to share with you.

Holiday Season Preparation

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This is the busiest time of the year this coming holiday season. It is not just a time of reunions and parties but also weddings and get togethers as well. Expect an increase of weight due to those foods served especially since Filipinos love fatty foods.

As a matter of fact, there is an increase of Phentermine use during this period to counter those food intakes we have. But to inform you Phentermine is not an amphetamine. This drug was approved by FDA in 1959 as an appetite suppressant drug and until now people still continue to use it especially those obese patients to suppress hunger and lose weight.

Senate Investigation

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Jocelyn “Jocjoc” Bolante, former undersecretary of the Department of Agriculture, first appeared in the senate on the Fertilizer Fund Scam investigation. It seems that Manny Paquiao’s fight is being challenged when it comes to having many of the Filipinos tune in their TV and radio in the investigation on P728 million fertilizer fund scam and the alleged involvement of the president in the said scam.

Four years in the waiting and yet Bolante clears the President of any involvement in the scam and even denied the disbursement of the money, wherein he is accused of diverting to Arroyo’s 2004 campaign.

P728 million is huge amount of money. It can construct a lot of school buildings, books for the Filipino student, lively hood for those unemployed, foods for those thousand poor Filipino’s living in the streets, shelters for those homeless.

For those government officials who cannot be stopped from taking or corrupting money from the people, please take diet pills to have at least minimize your greed.

Economic Crisis

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With the present economic crisis in the US where, according to CNN reports, another 84,868 homes were lost because of foreclosures in October and a total 936, 439 homes have been lost to foreclosures since the housing and economic crisis hit August last year.

This is one of the many problems that Obama will have to solve upon his succession next year as the President of the United States. This problem in not just an ordinary problem of one person as if like a diet pill that solves a weight problem or just a mere flu or fever where you just can have paracetamol for it.

This is the reality for him to work hard and to create various programs to keep thousands of American from being homeless.

Affordable and Economical SEO

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Health Benefit of Exercise

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I really hate it if the elevator in the building where we hold Sabbath service undergoes maintenance check up during Saturdays. This is because we would have to climb the stairs to get to the 5th floor. But lately I realized that I really need to have an exercise such as walking or jogging.

I am not getting younger anymore so it is really a must to exercise. I even wanted to have treadmills at home to at least burn extra fats, and to improve my blood circulation and heart’s function.

As we all know, heart problem is one of the number one cause of death all over the world. It is better to work for it now because I wanted to see my son grow old too.

Stylish Eyeglasses for Less

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