Grand Reunion

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Two months from now and our batch grand reunion will take place. It’s been nearly two years ago when we started over rounds of small talk and plans of having our batch reunion. One of the topics that have been tackled was the proper time and year to hold it. It has been a consensus to hold it in 2010, 15 years after graduation. We will see each other again 15 years since we last saw each other during our graduation on our toga with white long sleeves with bow ties and black pants for boys while white elegant dress for our girls. To those who will attend, we hope to see you soon and to those who cannot we will see each other again sometime.

When you have reached the middle aged years the word retirement becomes an inevitable and glaring word for you. You can’t help but think about what’s in store for you for the rest of your years on this earth. Will you be able to support yourself financially without having to depend on other people? Will you be able to support your child or children well enough to fend them through college? Questions like these will sound easy to answer if one has prepared for his or her retirement.

One wise way to become financially secure is to learn how to save. But a wiser approach is to learn how to invest. There are various investment options such as when you buy gold eagle coins, real estate, mutual funds, government bonds, stocks and many others.

It is never too late to start investing towards a worry free retirement in the future.

NBA Finals

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I usually get up from bed 9-10 am since I usually work late at night since it is still my son’s Kyle vacation from school. But today I woke up early because I know today is the first game of 2010 NBA finals between the Lakers and Boston Celtics. I am excited to see the game because this will be the rematch of the team after 2008. These two teams won most of the NBA finals trophy where 15 are by Lakers and 17 by Boston. That’s why I can let the day pass without watching it. It is like I took phentermine because I am suppressing my appetite first then I will eat later after the game.

Trustworthy Product

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There’s a lot of fitness, health and slimming products in the market today. Some of them are not even sure where it came from. We cannot even read the names of them because some are in Chinese or other countries’ character. We don’t even know who produce or manufactured it and who distribute it here in the country. Our Government doesn’t seem strict about their here as they are already scattered anywhere. We were just only alarmed if something bad already happened.

We are not sure if best weight loss products as the claim are trustworthy and really help. So just be careful in anything that you take. Just because somebody just recommended it makes it approved by some regulating agencies and the government.