Life is so Short

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Life is so precious a very special gift our Almighty Father has given to us. We have to take good care of and treasure it. Sometimes we forget those who love us we only remember her or him if he or she is already gone. I remember my classmate who died early because of a disease. We were seatmates then. Because she was so intelligent I would always depend on her every time we have quiz. I remember she would always tell me that what shall I do if she would already gone. I told her in a joke that to find another giving set mate. Sometimes I got mad at her because she always came late at school, sometimes she misses quizzes without knowing that a disease was already killing her at that time. In a few months she passed away. Sadly her parents spent their money before she died. That’s why sometimes term life insurance and other health care insurance is very important. But we always remember her.

Nurse Costume

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Why is that we could always see in some adults movie about those women wearing nurse lingerie. I am a male nurse and sometimes I felt degraded and sometimes mad that they usually associate nurse with an adult movie. Sometimes they even wearing nurse cap. They do not know that there were responsibilities in wearing it and nurse associations can even file a complaint about it. Especially wearing of nurse cap if you are not a nurse and just showing it in not a good manner and purpose. I hope people behind all this will someday learn their lesson.


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You can never tell when the blessing will come in to your life. Only our Almighty Father knows and in His time He will grant you blessings in life. For instance, I never expected that one day that I could buy designer clothes for men, new gadgets, and a branded perfume. I collected branded perfumes before but it was all gifts to me. As well as new branded clothes from a second hand store and gadgets, an old cell phones from cousin. That’s why if you felt that all you ask from our Almighty Father was not given you immediately, consider it that it has a purpose and timing to be yours.