Always Ready

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Things can happen in just a blink of an eye. Calamities are just everywhere and it can happen at anytime and at any moment. Earthquakes, tsunamis and storms are among examples of unforeseen events. Truly, these are unpredictable and sometimes very difficult to be avoided. This is just a warning that we have to be ready always even when t comes to things to have. These should not be limited to items for first aid, duracell procell aa batteries, food and water. But we ourselves must always be ready not just mentally, physically but most of all spiritually.

Weather – Mayan Predictions

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I am sure many of you are wondering about the kind of weather we are having right now. In other countries, snowing at this time of the year is not normal anymore. They would be wearing ski jackets for an outdoor activity and it does not seem enough anymore. People are prone to get sick and die because of to much cold.

In our country, the rains are too much and it can result to flooding in some parts of the country. This is aside from the earthquake that has been happening. Sometimes it makes me think about the Mayan’s 2012 prediction.

No Luxury to Get Sick

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Feeling sick with body aching could be one of the worst feelings there could be. It is hard because I don’t seem to have the luxury to get sick. Nobody will take good care of everything if I do. That’s because I’m the type of person who wants to be involved whenever my family is concerned. Yes, that would include house chores, preparing my son’s food and driving him for school. I’d feel very privileged if there’s somebody in dickies scrubs from Marcus uniforms to take care of me. I heard that the one in charge of giving you some medicine and will also comfort you and will take care of everything for you.

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My classmates and I are so excited about our upcoming reunion 20 years after our graduation from nursing course. My close friends and I are going to meet again. Even before this event, we have always kept in touch. Once in a while, we would be seeing each other although it would really make a difference if everyone would be present. This is where a reunion feels special as it can make complete attendance possible if we really try hard enough.

We started as classmates in nursing school and we used to be wearing scrubs in the hospital. It was in these duties that our friendship developed and now, almost 20 years after, we are almost like a family. We have grow more attached especially because by this time, almost all of us already have our own family and children.