Car Maintenance

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I know some of you really love your car. Jokes are even floating around that some people prefer to sleep beside their car. Some even provide mosquito nets and once in a while wiping it to shine that even flies slipped when they happened to land in the hood. Luckily we have Coats tire changer now. I remember my friend took the tire out for vulcanizing because he did not want his mag wheels scrathed. The report lately was that one American guy was killed because he tapped the car hoods.

For others of my generation, there was a time in my life when all I could dream about is just to have a karaoke system in the house. Karaoke sound system with two deck of cassette tapes where I could record my songs while the minus one or multiplex cassette tapes are playing. I remember my father would need to drink beer in a bar with his friend just to be able to sing in a karaoke system. That’s a memory and imagine that more than 20 years ago and that karaoke system is still existing. Eventually we even had one in our house until now.

Ways of Relaxation

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Most of us might be praying especially for those who are working or living in a busy city like Metro Manila for at least a day of relaxation. Some are just praying for more time, and a few are hoping to stop the hands of time, just to be spared from yet another toxic day at work. There are also other ways of finding a way to relax. There’s the best selection of small water fountains you can choose from, to be put in your favorite place in the house. Listening to some opera music according to others also help. Some studies even suggest that spending time in a toilet bowl helped others to relax.