Last month marked our 6th year wedding anniversary. I happened to take a glance at our weeding ring as I was cleaning mine. I am proudly say that I am the one who designed our wedding ring which is composed of white and 24K gold and have it done especially on our wedding. All I want at that time was a special ring to be made personally on our special day. Until now I could still see its beauty as it never fades (very much like my love to my wife).

That's why if you want to have a special gift to someone you love, it’s best to make it elegant, timeless and will stay forever like a jewelry. It may be a ring, bracelet or necklace, a Discount Jewelry but made special for your love one. Jewelries like those by Holsted Jewelers, makers or exclusively designed jewelry, gift and accessories since 1971 are perfect. Its name is already salient to those millions of satisfied customers in North America and in the world.

If you want a special gift for your love one, Holsted Jewelers will deliver it to your home. They include priceless jewelry design, quality assured and with highest standards for you. Whatever budget you have, they never compromise on quality and craftsmanship of their products. That’s why every time you open their jewelry package, you would not believe the beauty of it inside and more as you or your love one wear it.

Thank you again bloggers

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Thank you so much bloggers for always visiting my Suplado Reviews site. I have been on holiday for almost two weeks and still you have been there to visit regularly. I am back and will surely drop by your site too.

To all Entrecard droppers in my website, please continue visiting my site. Everytime I am dropping by, I always start clicking the "drops inbox" first to visit also those bloggers who dropped by. Once again thank you for dropping by.

Snow Wonderland

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Last night I was having a dream. I dreamt that I was fixing my son’s snowmobile and searching for lost snowmobile parts. My son really wanted to ride in a snowmobile since he saw a TV ad about the theme part showcasing a snow wonderland.

That’s why we will really wanted to bring him there to try how it is with snow since we don’t have snow here in the country.

Laptop is My Travel Partner

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My laptop has been my travel partner lately. Every time my wife has to travel it has already been a “must have” because she has to check emails from her office while I have to update my blogs and to upload my photos. That’s why it is really important to have high system memory for multi tasking online and editing jobs.

Today’s merchants, no matter how small or at the infancy stage in their business, have no excuse for not accepting credit cards as a mode of payment. That’s because many companies and institutions are already opening their arms in support of start-ups.

Take for instance. A tour at this website exudes an impression that Five Star is helping businesses accept credit card payments whether it is Amex, Visa or other major credit cards. Here, start-ups and even high risk businesses are given a chance by to already avail of credit card processing solutions.

It is not surprising to see that even the new store where I recently bought my camera was able to facilitate my payment via credit card. After all, this mode of payment is indispensable in this day and age.

Present Insurance Company Problem

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With the present problem surrounding insurance industry, even the largest company such as AIG American Insurance Company is not spared from suffering today. It really affected the perception of the people about the present situation of other insurance companies in the world.

People currently holding premiums and investments in insurance tend to wonder if their present investment is still in good hands. My brother in-law who is currently working in one of the biggest insurance companies in the world said its company’s sales are also affected. People nowadays are afraid to invest.

My neighbor who had auto insurance quotes last week also wondered what will happen if he had an accident and what if he will claim from the insurance company but it will also declare bankruptcy. I’m sure not all insurance companies have a problem as big as this. Some assured that they have good investment plans and better capital to withstand the global economic problem that the world is experiencing right now.

Credit Card Solutions

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My cousin built his own law firm and in the last decade he was able to build his own set of individual and corporate client. He realizes that some of them have been inquiring how they could possibly pay his law firm’s services via credit card. This is because he would often encounter clients who may not be ready to shell out huge amount of money all the time. At the same time, he would also like to be assured of payment for his services.

My cousin is just among the many lawyers nowadays who are looking into offering his clients the option of paying through credit card in the name of client satisfaction. In situations like this, there is a company called America Processing that can serve as a link by which lawyers, car dealers, merchants like that of restaurants, hotels and other related establishments because America Processing provides you with credit card processor services for reputable credit cards like Visa, Mastercard and Amex to name some.

Specializing in internet and merchant solutions in all 50 American states, America Processing has reportedly helped all types of businesses get setup with merchant processing.

My Friend’s Recreation

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Online casino bonuses make my friend’s online gaming more exciting. Nobody can stop him from visiting and playing US online casinos. According to him, playing moderately online as his recreation makes his life exciting and healthier.

This is also what came out from a study recently done by one of the universities in the United States. According to this study, older people who engage in gambling moderately and for recreation purposes seem healthier than those who don’t have recreation on their life. Maybe this could be because it increases their activities and socialization.

According to my friend, playing
best online casinos such as card games makes his mind work. It also increases also his thinking and strategies which he also apply in his real life.

He visits casino portals which feature latest or updated free online bonuses and promotions. This makes him play free money sometimes for as big as $1000 – 5000, sometimes big bonuses after first deposit to a no deposit bonuses. There are a lot of bonuses and promotions every day from sign up bonus to an individual game bonus. With the biggest and most generous casino site, one can find online to the most exclusive game site promotions. My friend’s recreation only revolves around here.

My friends ask me if birth control pills can be used as beauty pills. Sometimes, according to one article I read. Dermatologist can prescribe the pill as well as other topical or oral antibiotics used to treat acne.

Although it can help to fight acne, there is only one formulation that has gone through FDA process and that formulation helps and treats acne. Proper skin care and others medication are still needed to prevent and fight acne.

Entrecard Time

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It is time to thank bloggers who keep on visiting and dropping by to my Suplado Reviews site. Maybe it’s time to pay them back again. This is since I started opening an account again with Entrecard, because of my previous entrecard problem.

To all Entrecard droppers in my website, I owe you my Alexa rating of 1040,000+ place. Hope you will try to continue visiting my site. I will also make sure to visit your site also. Everytime I am dropping by, I always start clicking the “drops inbox” first to visit also those bloggers who dropped by. Once again thank you for dropping by.

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Dream Masters Degree

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My wife and I still plan to pursue masters degree and eventually Phd someday. For me, it makes a difference to have masters degree in public health and public safety while my wife wants a masters degree in business but the only thing that hinders us from doing so is the non-availability of time since both of us are working and need to take good care of our son too.

Hopefully with the help of an accredited and fully online university Capella University, we can turn this plan into a reality. Capella is the leading provider of masters and Phd degrees for working people like us.

The school features podcast discussion of state-approved reading and literacy program which is also available in iTunes. It offers 109 graduate and undergraduate specialization and 15 certificates program to choose from.

Be a part of more than 23,000 students from 50 states and 45 countries who are now enjoying to gain caliber academic excellence.

This post is based on information provided by Blogitive.

My Batch Board Topnotcher

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JUNE 1995

6th Place Gelenn Carrera CSA-B
7th Place Aurea Inalvez PUC

Love Joy Paltu-ob IDC
9th Place Joven Arceño WVSU
10th Place Elvira Sanchez UI
11th Place Reinante Diamante RC
13th Place Leny Rose Grecia WVSU

Faith Natividad IDC
15th Place Leoncio Regalado SGC
16th Place Edwin Chan CSA-B

Roanna Natividad IDC
17th Place Valentin Lumugdang SGC

Lynette Pabon CSA-B

Rita Parreño IDC
18th Place Mark Dennis Ang CPU

Nathaniel Corro SOC

Darlene Jimenez UI

Marjorie Mae Palacis WVSU

Sharon Tanamal PUC
19th Place Anthony Bandola CPU

Arvin Lozada CSA-B

Aimee Parco IDC
20th Place Editha Catayoc IDC

1ST Place Myril Mariveles CSA-B
3rd Place Alan John Matus CSA-B
4th Place Jessepther Bawar PUC
6th Place Marichu Boko CSA-B
7th Place Antonio Moscaya CPU
9th Place Carmela Favila CSA-B
11th Place Ana Carlota Eslawa RC

Annie Ochavo CSA-B
12th Place Jocelyn Oliveros CSA-B
13th Place Anthony Velayo CSA-B
14th Place Kathleen Divinagracia RC
15th Place Sally Malibong CSA-B

Lexyll Nipales CSA-B
16th Place Victoria Bolivar CSA-B
18th Place Anne Infante CSA-B

Eleanor Juada CSA-B

Dolorisisimo Geroche CSA-B

Rizpah Lumawag CSA-B
19th Place Joanne Gangozo RC

Nonie Ampusta RC
20th Place Auriemar Yap CSA-B

Business Tools

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The important thing in business is to have a better and best business tools to use. I am a nurse by profession but I have been engaged in different businesses before. I tried to have internet café business before and that made me learn how to use excel. If you have a small business like this you must have an excel training. This program helped me a lot in having a complete view of my daily income and expenditures.

The business success lies of your dedication to manage it and your goal how to make it better. Unlike today you can have goal setting software to use where it is like a your personal secretary this will organized and will remind you on your day to day activities, such as business meeting and transactions.

In business time is really gold. Time is so important every second counts. It is so important also to have your Project Management Tools responsible for your task management this will give you the complete overview of your business. How it is running and will give you more idea how to run it.

If you have this all and best business tool I am sure you could win whatever business you will going to have,