The making of Nursing 1995 website started by a "small talk" between Matt and me when the two of us got a chance to meet when he joined his family here in Manila. I think it was last October. It’s been two years since we got to see each other again. So we were just reminiscing those memories we have during college days over a bottle of Light San Miguel beer. When he got to mention about our batchmates who are now working in different part of the world, we thought maybe we could have our reunion in the near future. We leaned towards a chat about the need for a website where we and our batchmates can have access or contacts with each other.

So we came up with the website. I told him maybe we could start with our batch website in some free web hosting site like geocities and hopefully with the financial help of our batchmates someday we could launch a more professional (and paid) one.

With the help of Friendster in my friendster account I gradually contacted each of our batch mates who only have Friendster accounts. I started locating them and downloaded some pictures of them through their Friendster accounts and gradually submitting some old pictures of our college years..

Today, we have access to each other now. I know a day will come we can now launch the official website where we can have our official home on the world wide web. Forums or chats and individual emails may be added so that we will have our constant communication.

With the help of our Almighty Father may this dream that started over a bottle of beer will come into a reality.