To all 28,924 New nurses who made it in their Nurse Licensure Exam, my big congratulations. Welcome to the world of nursing. Nursing profession does not end there. Our profession did not end in the four years in our school and did end by just passing the board exam, but instead these are the beginning of our career in caring.

Most of us after who passed the board exam worked in hospitals as volunteer nurse, with out salary. Other hospitals provide allowance but most of them do not give even a single dime. Lucky if you know someone in the government which you can start as casual or regular hire immediately.

The reason why is that nurses after years working in a hospital here, tend to apply for a job abroad. Others work as volunteers for almost a year and as a reliever only. Just to have a certificate of employment which will be going to be used for their applications for job abroad.
To all new nurses good luck