Yuwie - Are you Friendly?

Posted by Suplado | 2/16/2008 | 0 comments »

You get paid from the things you already do, you will be paid for hanging around the internet. Gain more friends and gain more money. Do you have Friendster, Myspace accounts and other socializing-related sites accounts? Are you familiar of such accounts? If you are, its time for you to sign up for YUWIE a social network with a twist. It’s free to sign up. Upload pictures, change your lay out, add some widgets, Blogs, Emails, Chat and forums. Communicate with your friends and family while at the same time earn some dime to it.

Yes you will earn extra dime every time you visit your profile, you will be paid if your friends visit your profile, every one that view your profile. And every time you invite your friends to join. YUWIE will pay you. Visit and sign up for YUWIE now.

If you have more friends, you will have more money.

Read the BBC report about YUWIE!!!