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Posted by Suplado | 3/24/2008 | | 0 comments »

I have promised in my previous post that my blogsite and my website will also my venue for art exploration. Here I am trying to apply my talent as a painter and as an artist. I keep on searching and researching how to make my site beautiful not only for the content and topics but also for the lay-out and themes so that it will add more interest to my beloved readers. This is in line with my purpose of sharing some ideas and knowledge to people online. I’d like to give them not only fresh and informative topics but also comfort and beauty while they are reading.

For almost three months now since I started my blogs, I have been changing themes from original blospot theme to those I download from free templates online. And now I found the most beautiful theme that captures my heart. This is the theme I said to myself is the right theme in the right toll for my Suplado online review blog. I really thank the premium theme I found in eBlog for their free Premium Ads theme template original design by Blogging Secret. Who knows this will be the only theme my blog will use forever.

Watch out for the development and the new theme a new beauty of my blogsite.