I really had a bad headache today and a really hard cough went along with it. I had to run three articles for my blogsite because I was having problems with my internet connection yesterday. I had to reformat again my computer in order for me to re-connect. So I spent the whole day yesterday fixing things out on my computer.

It’s really important that you have a little knowledge in computer trouble-shooting or else your computer will end up to computer shop. You are lucky if your computer is still on warranty or service free guarantee. Because if not, some computer technician will charge you P500 pesos for check ups only. Another fee for the materials or parts use plus the labor cost. Aside from it, the time the you never had a chance to use it because computer shops sometimes especially if they have lots of customers, it reaches almost a week before they will be finished fixing it up.

That’s the reason for bloggers to have a back up computer or laptop to be used. But the most important thing is is to learn about the computer. Don’t just sit there browsing all the time. You have to learn how to trouble-shoot it personally. Because yesterday the onsite technician visited in my place because I thought it was a line problem again of my internet provider. But they found out that it’s my computer that had a problem. So they told me to bring my computer to a computer shop to have a check up. Maybe my LAN had a problem. But after they left I fixed it my self. Did the reformatting again and intenet configuration. Praise Yahweh I was able to fix it. Now I have my connection back and am able to post some articles.