Many bloggers suffered a big blow from Google due to some deductions from their page rank while others went back to almost zero from page rank of 1-3. It affected most bloggers’ money making opportunity because mostly, as a result of diminished page rank have also lost bloggers’ task received from blog marketing companies. This means that advertising companies who want to spread the word about their products usually ask help from those bloggers with higher page ranks; thus, lesser income is seen from those bloggers who are affected by such move.

Currently, bloggers are in a frantic stage on how to earn more and are finding new blog marketing companies that will give bloggers a venue to earn online.

Luckilly, I found Snapbomb, a new site that creates buzz for advertiser products and services. This is where bloggers and advertisers meet. This is also with the help of Advertisers who want their products to be known to millions of readers across the internet through blogs, campaign releases, press coverage, events, news, or anything else that an advertiser wants. While Bloggers can now select many sponsored campaigns that will match their interest, expertise and blog content, means additional income for bloggers for their efforts while writing about topics they are passionate about.

I have already joined and why wait? If you want extra income, you’ll certainly try this Snapbomb.