My internet service provider called me up yesterday to inform that my application for bill adjustment or rebate has been approved and will reflect on my latest bill for the periods May to June. But I am not really happy with it because until now I still don’t have my DSL broadband connection back. I am still using dial up for my internet connection right now. And it will be two months next week since I first informed my provider about the problem.

I still don’t know how much rebate they gave me, since I still have not received my latest bill. But I am sure it is not enough for amount that I already lost since then. I missed the opportunity of grabbing some tasks which usually needs faster connection to be win a job since other blog advertising companies are on a first-come-first served basis.

I am still hoping that this company will fix it today because according to the technical group I spoke to last Monday, their tentative date will be Friday which is today. I am still hoping that they can finally keep their promise of fixing my connection problem.