Worse Internet Service Provider

Posted by Suplado | 6/24/2008 | | 0 comments »

I was having problems with my broadband connection. It's been 2 months already that I am having intermittent connection. Until such time, no connectivity for me yet. So I decided to try another Telephone Company which offers DSL or Broadband connection.

To make it sure that I will not regret this next one I intend to shift to, I made some research, read some review and blogs about connection and service. I have found out that three big companies who are currently having DSL and Broadband Services in the Philippine consumers all had a bad experience in terms of connection and technical service. Others have worse experience than I have. The big problem is that these companies don’t have money-back guarantee instead if you want to avail there free installation service they will lock you up to 12 months. You have to pay if you want to have their service disconnected.

I am just wondering how the government agencies like NTC and DTI act on this consumer-related problem we had. The most affected are the consumers. How about the consumer protection law that the government must implement?

For now, we can’t do anything but settle with their service which honestly sucks. We only wish there could be new player that would compete these three telecom giants. A new Internet Service Provider who is competent and worthy that could render us satisfaction and money back guarantee. I couldn't wait for this to happen.