Our country is an excellent source of professionals with 1,181 colleges and universities that offer graduate and post-graduate degrees. Our country is also surrounded by 1,276 schools that offer vocational and technical training.

On the other hand, having 700,000 new college graduates every year results to an additional 11 percent unemployment increasing every year. The reason of this is that the economy cannot create enough jobs to accommodate newly graduates from their field of expertise.

Statistics show that there are some 2.5 million students enrolled at the tertiary (college) level. Of these, over 300,000 are enrolled in medical and health-related courses. Over 400,000 are taking engineering and computer science courses. Only 60% of graduates can work but half of those are not regular jobs and not related from their courses. The 20 percent shifted to other courses and others took post graduate courses just to have a job after.

Imagine the time you wasted in school and yet you can’t get a better job after graduation. Take me for example. I am a registered nurse and yet working and earning money without using my entire four years in nursing school maybe in some fields. But if I will be given a chance I will try to get Cisco certification because opportunity and career-wise, you can have better job with better money in this. See how global demand is growing for IT professionals. As we all know, internet and connections to world wide web are important to the whole world. This is a large part of the reason why many world’s multinationals companies run by computers and internet.

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