Entrecard Time

Posted by Suplado | 10/02/2008 | | 0 comments »

It is time to thank bloggers who keep on visiting and dropping by to my Suplado Reviews site. Maybe it’s time to pay them back again. This is since I started opening an account again with Entrecard, because of my previous entrecard problem.

To all Entrecard droppers in my website, I owe you my Alexa rating of 1040,000+ place. Hope you will try to continue visiting my site. I will also make sure to visit your site also. Everytime I am dropping by, I always start clicking the “drops inbox” first to visit also those bloggers who dropped by. Once again thank you for dropping by.

This is my List Top Entrecard Droppers
Dropper # of drops
Wonderful Pic Colection 18
On The Bricks 16
Kool Kustoms 15
Making an Extra Money 14
BerburuDolar 13
Free Ebook Blog 12
Les Money Marketing. Where the Best Tips are! 11
Photography and Writing 10
Italian Volvo 850 Style 10
Snapshotcap 9