Present Insurance Company Problem

Posted by Suplado | 10/11/2008 | | 0 comments »

With the present problem surrounding insurance industry, even the largest company such as AIG American Insurance Company is not spared from suffering today. It really affected the perception of the people about the present situation of other insurance companies in the world.

People currently holding premiums and investments in insurance tend to wonder if their present investment is still in good hands. My brother in-law who is currently working in one of the biggest insurance companies in the world said its company’s sales are also affected. People nowadays are afraid to invest.

My neighbor who had auto insurance quotes last week also wondered what will happen if he had an accident and what if he will claim from the insurance company but it will also declare bankruptcy. I’m sure not all insurance companies have a problem as big as this. Some assured that they have good investment plans and better capital to withstand the global economic problem that the world is experiencing right now.